Surbhi Chandna slams Vistara Airlines: “Mentally tortured”

Surbhi Chandna shares harrowing experience with Vistara Airlines

Popular Indian television actress Surbhi Chandna recently took to Instagram to express her frustration with Vistara Airlines after a shocking travel mishap. Chandna accused the airline of misplacing her luggage, providing false promises, and causing her immense distress.

Chandna’s ordeal began when one of her priority bags was offloaded mid-flight, failing to reach Mumbai alongside Chandna. Despite her efforts to seek information from Vistara staff upon arrival, Chandna claimed to receive no concrete answers.

In a strongly worded Instagram post, Chandna expressed her disappointment with the airline, labeling it as “The WORST AIRLINE” and criticizing the staff for their false promises and incompetence. She described the experience as “mental harassment” and urged her followers to think twice before flying with the airline.

Furthermore, Chandna specifically mentioned a staff member whom she felt was unprofessional and exhibited rude behavior, highlighting the airline’s poor handling of the situation.

Chandna’s Call for Accountability

Chandna’s public outcry has shed light on the airline’s alleged mishandling of her luggage and the emotional toll it took on her. She urged Vistara Airlines to take accountability for the distress caused and ensure better service to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The incident not only showcases Chandna’s personal experience but also raises concerns about the overall service and accountability of airlines when facing such issues.

Industry Response

Chandna’s Instagram post has drawn attention from the industry, with many expressing support for her and echoing similar experiences with various airlines. The incident has sparked discussions on the responsibility of airlines to ensure the safe and timely delivery of passengers’ luggage.

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Implications for Vistara Airlines

The backlash faced by Vistara Airlines following Chandna’s public announcement underscores the importance of consistent and reliable service in the airline industry. The incident has prompted Vistara to reevaluate its customer service practices and address the concerns raised by Chandna and other passengers.


Surbhi Chandna’s candid account of her distressing travel experience with Vistara Airlines has ignited important conversations about the accountability of airlines in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of their passengers. The incident serves as a reminder for airlines to prioritize customer service and handle such issues with sensitivity and efficiency.

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