Sonu Sood condemns passenger assault on pilot.

Sonu Sood Condemns Assault on Pilot and Demands Self-Defence Training for Airline Staff

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has expressed his outrage over a recent incident on an Indigo flight from Delhi to Goa, where a passenger assaulted a pilot, sparking a critical discussion about passenger behavior and airline staff safety. The incident, which took place during flight delays caused by severe weather and fog in North India, was captured in a video that quickly went viral on social media.

Outrage Over Unruly Behavior

The video footage shows a male passenger in a yellow hoodie running up the aisle and striking the pilot while he was making a delay announcement. Sood, who had experienced a 3-hour flight delay at the airport earlier that day, took to social media to express his shock and dismay at the incident. He shared a screenshot from the video and wrote, “Soon self-defence training programs will become mandatory for airline staff, if people continue to behave in such unruly ways!!”

Advocating for Patience and Understanding

Sood also emphasized the need for passengers to be patient and understanding towards airline staff during challenging situations. He stated, “The weather Gods have their own moods, beyond human control! I have been patiently waiting for the last 3 hours at the airport. I know it’s difficult but request everyone to be polite with the airline’s crew. They are doing their best! Oftentimes I see visuals of people behaving very rudely with them. We need to understand that some situations are beyond anyone’s control and everyone deserves to be respected.”

Flight Delays and Chaos

Reports indicate that the flight from Delhi to Goa, initially scheduled for a 7:40 am departure, was delayed by nearly 11 hours due to weather conditions. The assault on the pilot reportedly occurred around 1 pm, adding further chaos to the already frustrated passengers.

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In light of this incident, Sonu Sood has called for self-defence training for airline staff and stressed the importance of respect and understanding towards airline crew members during challenging situations. His advocacy for improved passenger behavior and enhanced safety measures for airline staff has sparked an important discussion within the aviation industry. Let us hope that his call for positive change and mutual respect is heeded by all.

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