Radhika Apte trapped in aerobridge, mocks airlines

Radhika Apte’s Travel Ordeal

Actress Radhika Apte recently had a travel experience that she and her fellow passengers would not wish on anyone. They found themselves stuck inside an airport aerobridge with no access to basic amenities such as restrooms and water.

Flight Delay

The flight, scheduled to depart at 8:30 AM, was already delayed. However, the airline’s solution to the delay left passengers in disbelief – they gathered everyone into the aerobridge and locked them in! This led to further delays, leaving passengers, including families with young children and elderly individuals, confined in a small space with no way out.

Instagram Post

Radhika took to Instagram to share her ordeal, shedding light on the frustration and inconvenience faced by the passengers. She posted a video clip showing people crowded behind a locked glass door, some even pleading with the security personnel. Photos depicted the passengers, including Radhika and her team, sitting on the floor amidst the chaos.

Passenger Frustration

In her post, Radhika expressed her frustration, stating, “Apparently, their crew hasn’t boarded. The crew had the change and they are still waiting for new crew but they have no idea of when they will arrive so no one knows how long they’ll be locked inside.” She further described her attempt to obtain information from the airline staff, whom she found unhelpful and dismissive.

Extended Ordeal

The situation did not improve soon. According to Radhika, the airline informed passengers that they would be locked in until at least 12 PM, with no access to basic necessities like water or restrooms. Radhika ended her post sarcastically, thanking the airline for the “fun ride.” Her post quickly gained traction on social media, resonating with many who shared their outrage at the airline’s negligence and lack of communication.

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Professional Endeavors

On the professional front, the 38-year-old actress recently appeared in Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi’s Merry Christmas, playing a cameo in the Hindi version of the bilingual film, helmed by Sriram Raghavan. Additionally, she was seen in Made In Heaven 2, where she turned into a bride for the Prime Video series.


Radhika Apte’s ordeal sheds light on the challenges faced by passengers, emphasizing the need for airlines to prioritize communication and passenger welfare. Furthermore, her experience reinforces the importance of efficient crisis management in the travel industry.