Maharashtra CM vows to eliminate Lawrence Bishnoi.

# Eknath Shinde Assures Salman Khan of Protection After Gunshots Fired at Residence

On a fateful Sunday morning in Mumbai, shocking news broke out that two gunshots were fired at the residence of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. This incident comes amidst ongoing threats from notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is strongly suspected to be involved in the attack on Khan and his family. To show solidarity and provide a sense of security, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde, paid a visit to the Khan family at their suburban Mumbai home.

## Eknath Shinde’s Reassurances and Actions

After meeting with Salman Khan and his family, Eknath Shinde spoke to the media gathered outside the iconic Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, Mumbai. He ensured that extra security measures had been put in place for the family, including the Bollywood icon. Shinde also disclosed that the two arrests made earlier in the year were under investigation in connection with the recent incident.

According to a report from News18, Eknath Shinde declared, “I met with Salman Khan and assured him of the government’s support. I have directed the police to take swift action on this matter, leading to the arrest of two suspects. The Police Commissioner has been instructed to enhance security for Salman Khan and his family, with Mumbai Police carrying out the necessary measures. It is our responsibility to protect our citizens.”

## Proactive Measures Against Threats

Eknath Shinde’s statements indicated a zero-tolerance policy towards criminal elements in Maharashtra. He declared, “This is Maharashtra, where no gang can operate freely. Whether it’s Lawrence Bishnoi or any other criminal, we will eliminate them. Bullying and hooliganism have no place in our state. We will eradicate all gangs and criminal activities. The ongoing interrogation of the suspects will lead to stringent actions. We are committed to uprooting any entities that threaten the safety of our residents.”

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It is imperative to note that Lawrence Bishnoi had previously issued threats against Salman Khan, linking back to the actor’s involvement in the blackbuck hunting case from over two decades ago.

## Latest Developments and Arrests

In a related development, Mumbai Police have apprehended two suspects from Gujarat’s Bhuj in connection with the gunshots fired at Salman Khan’s residence. The swift action taken by the authorities reflects the seriousness with which such threats and attacks are being handled.

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