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Kahaani 2 Movie Review

Genre: Bollywood, Drama, Thriller
Stars:VidyaBalan, Indergeet Singh, JugalHansraj
Director/Producer:Sujoy Ghosh
Screenplay:Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair, Ritesh Shah,
Production Company: Bound Script and Pen Movies
Release Date:  December 2nd , 2016
 Movie Run-time: 127 minutes

The original “Kahaani” was released in the years 2011. Our films follows up where the last one left off at. In the first film, goes in search of her husband that suddenly disappears but the people in her life deny she ever met him. She searches tirelessly around the world to find him.

This movie isn’t an  exact sequel following the first. However, “Kahaani 2” continues with the thriller genre, same writer, director and female lead actress.  “Kahaani 2”, is also called, “Durga Rani Singh.”

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In this film it follows a young mom and daughter living happily in the town of ChandanNagore. The mother Vidyais played by VidyaBalan. She returns from the first film to re-join the cast in Kahaani. Mini, Vidya’s daughter is the center of her world and everything to her. She almost rarely leaves her side. In a series of unfortunate events, Mini has been kidnapped. The kidnapper calls Vidya and threatens her if she wants to see the daughter alive again. On the way, to find her daughter she is involved in a horrific hit and run accident. Which, then leaves her in a coma. As, she is in a unconscious state things begin to unravel. The town sheriff Indergeet Singh (played by Arjun Rampal) starts to investigate the accident. He starts to find out more and more about Durga’s history and past. But, she may not be so innocent in all of this. She seems to have another past life and another name: Durga Rani Singh.She (Durga) has a warrant out for suspected murder and kidnapping. A very mysterious woman for sure. As Indergeet continues to investigate he discovers more and more secrets about her past life. He, however seems to believe that she is innocent.

The film deals with a very sensitive subject family and children abuse. But, as the director shared he desired to showcase it in a real, believe way with a delicate, thoughtful, approach to it.

The movie filmed in Kolkata, and West Bengal India. The box offices haven’t been friendly though in the States with the film only grossing $279,000.

This is surprising, due to the mostly positive reviews the films have received from critics and reviewers.  With the success of the first to films, the director is even considering the possibility of making a third installment in the movie series. Only time will tell if this will be.

One thing is for sure, that this movie is a thriller with twists and turns that you can’t even expect. It looks to grab your attention. To not let it go until the very last second. Be aware, all is not what it seems and not everyone is innocent.

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