Bhanwarey Movie Review

“Bhanwarey” is categorized as a dark comedy.

This is a crazy story of how a group of three guy friends end up in the craziest situations and how they end up getting out of them.

Its main topics is dealing with guys who have sexual health problems. Showing really just the lengths people with the issue will go to solve them.

It discusses this topic with a mix of humor and a little sadness as well. The group as they go throughout the movie in trying to find remedies for the issues runs into many shady characters along the way. All of them promising the best cure for their problems many times ending up with hilarious and even dangerous results.

The group goes on the run as many people don’t discuss this problem. They get chased by local sketchy drug peddlers, their dissatisfied girlfriends, and even the cops get involved.

They end up having a night they can’t remember and trying to piece together the puzzle and retrace their steps. The guys get kidnapped and can only remember a few things from the night before. So, in order to save not only their friendships but their lives depend on figuring out what happened during the night before and  the mystery of the missing hours.

Despite, all they go through the film encourages people to stay on the right path.  Also, through these friends’ mishaps they end up meeting with quack doctors. They aren’t helpful at all and are   only trying to make quick money off of peoples unfortunate medical problems.  Even, leading many people into trying quick fix remedies that may end up making things worse. They are called “Jhola Chaap” doctors.

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Our cast includes Manoj Bakshi as Maqsood Bhai, Karhan Dev as Pushpender Vohra, Priyanka Shukla as Sonia Kharbanda, Jashan Singh as Machchinder Pal Singh Sodhi and Shaurya Singh.

The cast is overall very young which brings more of a light hearted approach to the film. Since, on average younger demographics don’t have as much of problems with these issues.

Surprisingly, due to the topic the movie isn’t obscene or vulgar. Which, would make it more approachable to audiences.

It seems to be a hit with critics and the fans alike due to a subject no one usually discusses. It’s told in a funny way but also deals with the reality of the problem as well. It bring up the topic to bring awareness and for their not be so much shame associated with it.


Shaurya Singh not only acts but is also the writer, producer, and the director for the film.

Music is arranged and composed by Sourabh Chatterjee and Gaurav Ratnakar


The film was shot in New Delhi, Delhi, as well as Mumbai and Maharashtra India.


Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Comedy,

Stars:  Shaurya Singh, Karan Thakur, Jashan Singh, Priyanka Shukla and Manoj Bakshi

Director:  Shaurya Singh

Writer/Screenplay:  Shaurya Singh

Producer:  Shaurya Singh

Movie Runtime: 120 minutes

Release Date: March 24th 2017




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