“Phillauri” Movie Review

Phillauri, “Some Love Stories Last Beyond A LifeTime.”

This movie is a new perspective on timeless love. It’s a romantic comedy set in both modern day and flashes back to ancient times.

Even though it’s categorised as a romantic comedy it has a lot of heart to it.

In order to save his love life and marry a girl that he chooses a young man (played by Suraj Sharma) is encouraged to marry a tree. He agrees even though very reluctant to do so. However, the tree he marries has a spirit and mind of its own or her own to be exact. The tree is inhabited by Shashi (played by Anushka Sharma) a beautiful young woman who is awaiting the arrival of her true love. So, as any young woman would do Shashi begins to go everywhere Kanan goes.

Shashi thankfully isn’t a scary or mean-spirit ghost she’s friendly and just wants to continue on with her life reunited with her love.

His desire to be married overrides previous warnings from the stars saying his future bride could come with problems.

As he prepares for his wedding to a beautiful young girl Anu all kinds of problems arise because he already married the tree which has Shashi in it.

All is not lost however because it seems like Shashi and Kanan have come together for a reason. He may be the one to help her with her unfinished business so she can travel into eternal life.

It flashes back to olden days were a gifted singer comes to town. For Shashi, it is love at first sight and they get along quickly falling in love.  He ends up leaving saying that he will ultimately only return when he has made his love Shashi proud. So he leaves

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It’s a much-anticipated comedy movie of the year.

The music of Phillauri has eight songs. Including a wide variety of songs of songs. Including; folk songs, Sufi songs, and even including a surprising hip-hop track. It features a great balance of traditional sounding folks songs mixed with contemporary ones.

Music arrangement and composition is by Shashwat Sachdev and Jasleen Royal. With Lyrics by Anvita Dutt the same as the screenwriter for this film. The music production company is T-Series.

This is Anushka Sharma’s second film under her belt as producer. Her first film was the 2015’s “NH10”. In which she  also starred as the female lead. She shows that women can do it all write, produce, and act.

Diljit Dosanjh star’s in Phillauri he was just in the much-acclaimed and awarded Udta Punjab.

A romantic movie for the hopeless romantics believing that love conquers all and that it can even last lifetimes.


Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Stars:  Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma, and Mehreen Pirzada

Director:  Anshal Lal, Navdeep Singh

Writer/Screenplay:  Anvita Dutt, Suraj Sharma

Producer:  Anushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma

Production Company: Fox Star Studios,  Clean Slate Films

Movie Runtime: 2 hours and 18 minutes

Release Date: March 24th, 2017


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