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Trapped Movie Review


Trapped Movie Review

March 17th, 2017

“A man gets trapped in an empty skyscraper in the dark and cold without the daily necessities of food, water.”

An ordinary day turns into a nightmare for Shaurya, (played by Rajkumar Rao) lives in an apartment on the top floor of a skyscraper in Mumbai. He is ready to welcome guests either as part of a housewarming or his partner is going to join him. He goes outside and rushes into answer his phone talking to whoever in on there with him. As that happens he has already left his keys in the door. Since, he is on the top floor it’s breezy there and a big wind gust blows shut the door. Ultimately, trapping him inside.

He try everything to get out banging on the door, calling out, trying to remove the door handle everything and nothing works. As the move progresses you can see the panic set in. It seems like no matter what and how hard he tries he can’t get anyone’s attention. It’s truly like he’s all alone to face these horrible circumstances by himself.

Shaurya, does everything he can to survive as he has ran out of food and water. He unfortunately has to turn to unconventional sources for nourishment such as incests just so he can stay alive.

Our cast also includes Geetanjali Thapa as Noorie. As well as, Khushboo Upadhyay as Swati.

The production team for the film went through a lot to find the best location for the film. They searched over twenty buildings before the found the best one to bring their story to life.

This film is thrilling, frightening and makes a person wonder what they would do if in the same situation. “Trapped” is a unique survival drama.

Our films stars the much celebrated and awarded actor Rajkumar Rao. Throughout the film you can truly see his transformation as he has lost so much weight. For preparation for this role he only had liquids and vegetables. This really brought an authenticity to the character of Shaurya. Which in turn, lead to a great performance that was very believable to watch. You felt for and suffered along with the character.

This is Vikramaditya Motwane’s directorial debut.

“Trapped” premiered at Mumbai Film Festival in October 2016.

It then, went onto to receive a great response at the Mumbai International Film Festival where audiences gave much praise for Rajkummar Rao’s performance.

After, it’s release on March 17th it’s already scheduled to be available on Netflix in the upcoming months.

The music for the film is composed and arranged by Alokananda Dasgupta. Who also composed and arranged for the 2013 crime drama film B.A. Pass.


Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Action, Thriller, Drama

Stars:  Rajkummar Rao, Geetanjali Thapa

Director:  Vikramaditya Motwane

Writer/Screenplay:  Amit Joshi, Hardik Mehta

Producer:  Madhu Mantena, Vikas Bahl, Anurag Kashyap

Production Company: Phantom Films

Release Date: March 17th 2017


YouTube Official Trailer:

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