Ashley Bollywood Movie Review

Ashley Bollywood Movie: Gurleen Chopra plays our female lead in “Ashley”. She is a famous star in Punjabi movies. Gurleen has been showcased in many other films as well. Including, a wide variety of other language flims other than Hindi; Telugu, Marathi, and Kannada.

Her co-star our male lead Rishi Bhutani has worked primarily on Hindi films. He is multiple-award winning actor.He came to fame in “Bolo Raam”. Which, he received a nomination at the Lion Gold Awards for in the Best Actor Category. Even being chosen for the prestigious Top 100 Forbes India Celebrity List in 2015. He won an award in 2012 at VIFF (France Vittel International Film Festival).

Both, Gurleen and Rishi were drawn to the film by its unique concept. As well as, it being a creative exceptional story which is told in a very interesting way.

Rishi stars as, Ronit who is a famous entertainer and singer. Though he didn’t start that way. He started with big hopes and dreams of becoming a star but first plays in small clubs and bars. He is upon his rise to fame is extorted by a mistreated former lover Ashley. Ashley, will stop at nothing to get her revenge. She even frames Rishi for committing a murder. She schemes and trying everything to get her money and her past relationship with Ronit back to the way it was before. But, she is no good lying all along the way. Ronit’s life will never be the same with Ashley back in it. His wife even gets involved and hurt between the craziness and mayhem that goes on between Ronit and Ashley.

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Ashley, is really not a good character. She is a criminal, a drug dealer and all around bad misbehaving girl. Her lover Rishi flees when she is caught by the cops and a confrontation with the police occurs. She suddenly comes back into his life and causes all kinds of trouble for Rishi.

He has since, moved on in a new relationship and has even gotten married. Our film also includes of course a corrupt cop who is investigating the crimes.

This film acts much like a bad soap-opera having an unstable plot with beautiful people as its main characters. It can’t really hold its own for long at all. Let alone, for almost two hours.

The music in this film goes along with the story featuring unique and varying songs and styles. Music is composed and arranged by Dushyant Dubey. With its lyrics penned by AmitashRanjan.

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Ashley Bollywood Movie Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Romance, Thriller, Crime
Cast:Gurleen Chopra, Rishi Bhutani, Dinesh Hingoo, Shakti Kapoor, and SaviGoel
Director:Kewal V Singh
Producer:(SwatantraGoel) SaviGoel
Production Company:Saveena Creations, Zee Music Company
Writer/Screenplay:SaviGoel, Story: Mir Munir, Screenplay: SaviGoel and Mir Munir
Release Date: January 13th, 2017
Movie Run-time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

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