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Raees Bollywood Movie Review

“Raees” in English means, Wealthy. It’s a high paced action-adventure thriller.

Already on of this months and even this years most anticipated films. Surely, is it in a battle for the box office. Pairing off both on the same opening date this film goes head to head with the romantic thriller Kaabil. Both, have already been well received and well rated. Garnering, four out of five stars across the board in its opening weeks.
Shah Rukh Khan plays our male lead, Raees. His lovely wife, Aasiya is played by Mahira Khan.

The movie is rumored to be a sort of bio-pic about the life of lawless, corrupt criminal Abudal Latif. The makers of the film reject the notion of this saying that it’s only a movie. It’s don’t represent any real life person. He is a mastermind of this local ring. He is and will do anything not only to get his money. But, also to keep his place at the top of the heap. Though, he isn’t exactly a villain in the truest sense. It’s hard to tell since he is caught up in a lot of the things surrounding him in society.

The stunningly beautiful Sunny Leone is back on screen although briefly in this film. She is featured with a camo and a new song. Bringing with her new song all performed in her uniquely sexy and beautifully upbeat way only she can bring.

The film was initially scheduled to come out in the summer of 2016. It has been re-scheduled already two times since it conflicted with two others films opening dates.

“Raees” certainly hasn’t been without criticism and controversy. Our film it hasn’t come without any criticism though. Parts of the movie was shot at the Ahmedabad mosque and tomb. Which, didn’t at first want to approve the filming there. Also, the son of Abdul Latif made an official notice investigating why a film was being made about his dad’s life.

There, was further controversy will the film. Following, a 2016 terror attack in Uri. There was a ban placed on any film having Pakistani actors in them. Mahira Khan is of Pakistani ancenstry. There was even talk of a condition of continuing with the film. If the producers would give money to the Indian Army fund. However, late r the ban had been lifted and the filmmakers didn’t have to go along with any of the previous stated conditions.

The music of “Raees” is composed and arranged by Ramp Sampath. The soundtrack has been produced by the Zee Music Company.

This film has been shot entirely in Mumbai, India.

Raees Movie Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Indian, Hindi, Thriller, Action, Crime
Stars:Sunny Leone, Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, andMahira Khan
Director:Rahul Dholakia
Producer:Gauir Khan, RiteshSidhwani
Writer/Screenplay:Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi, and Niraj Shukla
Production Company:Red Chiillies Entertainment, and Excell Entertainment
Movie Run-time:142 minutes
Release Date:January 25, 2017


Raees Movie Trailer:

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