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The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

February 1, 2017





“The Ghazi Attack: The War You Didn’t Know About.” This film is based on true historical events. Telling the story of India and Pakistan before and during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war.  It shares the history of war over time between the two nations. There have been four major wars between India and Pakistan.

The film depicts the history behind the very mysterious circumstances where the PNS Ghazi submarine vanished.

The Indian navy was involved with a highly classified mission. The story shows the “secret war” that occurred between India and Pakistan. Many aren’t even aware of this war’s existence and the impact it made on both country’s history.

The movie follows a high ranking officer who commands the Indian Naval Submarine S21. The untold story of the harrowing ordeal of the officer and his team. The story of the struggle to secure the safety of the waters they were in. As well as fighting against all odds they pushed through to win the war by surviving underwater for eight-teen days.

The story is a journey of love for country as well as the bravery of a few men. Truly showing that a “few” can make a great difference even in the course of a war and the future of a country.

The Pakistani Navy and crew on board their submarine Ghazi initiate an act of war when it enters into Indian water. Its purpose was to destroy the INS Vakrant which is the Indian Warcraft carrier. In attempts to ambush the Indian Navy, the Pakistani’s set up an underwater mine field.

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The INS Vikrant was another key asset to the success of the war. Many soldiers fought bravely on board during the 1971 Indio- Pakistani War.

Ultimately, the captain and his crew destroy the Pakistani submarine (also known as PNS Ghazi.)

“The Ghazi Attack” is a dramatic, intense thriller what makes it an even greater film is that it’s a true story.

The director, Sankalp Reddy also takes on the role of writers as well for this movie.

Our cast includes Rana Daggubait as Lt. Commander Arjun Varma. Captain Rann Vijay Singh played by Kay Kay Menon.

This film will be the veteran actor Om Puri’s last films. Unfortanelty, he will not be able to view it as it was a released following his death the beginning of January.

The beautiful and talented Tapsee Pannu plays Ananya. However, there are some skeptics that consider Pannu’s character as unnecessary to the story and even insulting to the film’s audiences.

This film is in two languages Telugu. It is also featured as well as Hindi version. So, in essence there are really three versions of the films that were made.

This is India’s first ever film filmed underwater and depicting naval war. Filming took place in

This movie is very important as it showcases a true time in history and the events that shaped the country of India.

“The Ghazi Attack’s” music is arranged and composed by K.

The Ghazi Attack Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Indian, Drama, Thriller, Action, War Drama, Historical

Stars: Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon

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Director:  Sankalp Reddy

Producer:  Karan Johar, PVP Cinema

Writer/Screenplay: Sankalp Reddy, and Niranjan Reddy

Production Company: AA Films and Matinee Entertainment

Release Date: February 17th, 2017 India


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