Moh Maya Money Movie Review

“Moh Maya Money” is a fast-paced thrill ride of a movie leaving you wondering what the final outcome will be for its thieving, scheming, and money-hungry characters.

“Moh Maya Money”:English Title is “In Greed We Trust”.Which, is very appropriate for the title of this film. When an up and coming real-estate business man Aman(played by RanvirShorey) attempts a huge scam it falls apart and leads to disaster. Aman desperately wants to escpa the middle class and be one of the successful, rich and powerful group on top. He enlists the help of his not so happy wifeDivya (played by the lovely Neha Dhupia). The results are twists and turns and chases. This is a thriller which deals with the three m’s: money, marriage, and murder as the motives of the characters. Showing the reality of people’s situations and just how far people will go to fulfill their desires and fix their mistakes. It’s amazing to see how fast things when we make wrong choices with wrong motives can unravel not just our own lives but the lives of many others. Because Aman’s choices he and his wife are brought together by his greed and schemes. But the consequences of his actions are far-reaching. Is the “better life” he dreamed of for himself and his family ally worth it in the end? We shall see if they don’t get killed first.


The music and soundtrack are composed by the talented TuomasKantelinen. The theme and the songs used for promoting the film is called the by the title. “Moh Maya Money” is arranged and performed by Harprett Singh.

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Moh Maya Money Movie Review

The film is written and directed by Munish Bhardwaj who just recently one an award. Munish won Star Screen Films the “Best Debut Director” award.

The film promotion actually began in 2015, when it was featured as part of the NFDC Film Bazaar as one of their special film projects. It went onto premiere at the New York Indian Film Festival otherwise known as (NYIFF). As well as the London Indian Film Festival.

“Moh Maya Money” also went onto play at Pittsburgh’s “Silk Screen Festival” and continued its journey at Chicago’s South Asian festival. Even, being featured selection to compete. It even garnered the honor of being a centerpiece film in the event.

The movie’s release date was rescheduled and pushed back a few times. Until, it finally was released for viewing on November 25, 2016.

Overall, the critics and reviews of this movie have been very positive. Averaging, three to five stars from reviewers.

Genre: Bollywood, Drama, Crime, Thriller
Stars: RanvirShorey, DevendraChowhan, Neha Dhupia, VidushiMehra
Director:Munish Bhardwaj
Producers: Sandeep Narula
Screenplay: Munish Bhardwaj, and Co-Writer Mansi Nirmal Jain
Production Companies: Delhi Talkies
Release Date: November 25th 2016 India
Movie Run-time:1 hour and 48 minutes, 108 minutes

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