Ek Tha Hero Hindi Movie Review

Ek Tha Hero Hindi Movie Review: “Ek Tha Hero”, this is a beautiful, heartfelt, and inspiring story of an 11 year old boy, named Jignesh who is from a small village. Whose biggest dream is to own a bicycle. The townspeople and his community lovingly refer to him as, “Hero.”

A bicycle, which is a common item most of us already have. Something that also, so many of us would take for granted. He desires so he can experience freedom that comes from riding on a bike. He doesn’t just want a bicycle but has a great interest in everything about them.

Hero also wants to use his bike to impress the cute local girl he likes from school as well.

However, his family doesn’t have the finances or the means to buy him one. Since they are from a small village. They struggle to even have food or make ends meet. Let alone, to buy such a non-essential item like a bicycle.
Ek Tha Hero”: is a beautiful story of family, community, and just how far the impacts of your acts of kindness can go. Hero and his friends have a big secret not a bad one but a good one. As they interact the other families in his community they soon discover about their life issues. Then they decide together how they can make their situations better. A wonderful self-less decision.

Ek Tha Hero Hindi Movie Review


In this film it ultimately, showcases the power of one life and one big dream. Hero has to go through many obstacles and trials to get his dream to come true.

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There is a race and the ultimate prize is of course, a bicycle.

Hero’s story is filled with lots of heart, desire, happiness, delight, cries, motivation & discovering as he goes. He truly wins over his community, their love, and comes about to be like his namesake, a true Hero.

Hero, shows us the power of passion and dreams. Through everything he goes through he doesn’t stop but pushes through those trials and obstacles. Which is a great message of hope, determination and perseverance in this life we live.

This is joyful, family friendly film with lots of heart!

The soundtrack contains music to dance to and tells this story of this boy’s journey very well.

Monty Sharma has composed the majority of the songs on the soundtrack. His previous work includes films such as Devdas. The other songs on the soundtrack tell the richness of the story as well. The soundtrack is produced by the Zee Music Company.

Film Runtime: 2 hours and 1 min
Release Date: October 14, 2016 India
Film Genre: Bollywood, Drama, Family
Starring: Asrani, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar, Ashwini Kalsekar
Director: This film is written and also directed by Yogesh Pagare
Produced by : Sachin N Dhakan, Amit Soni, Payal Madiyar & Jayesh Madiyar.
Film Studio : Filmdom Studios
Production House: Soni Films Entertainment, Soni Films and Entertainment

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