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Beiimaan Love Hindi Movie Review

Beiimaan Love Hindi Movie Review: Beiimaan Love is definitely a much anticipated film. It features the beautiful and stunning Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

This film explores the many imperfections of love and is not “your regular love story.” Based much more in the real world than the fantasy of many other love stories. This film is very much darker since it deals with the real life situations, our relationships, and even in our world today.

The lead character ( Sunaina Verma) is played by Sunny Leone is betrayed in her closest, most intimate love relationship  (this is where the title comes from the word Beiimaani).

This film shows, what it means to be an independent woman in today’s society. Sunny’s character, is a young girl with many big dreams, hopes, and goals in life. Sunania is very  humble and beautiful. She comes from a small city. She starts to work at a diamond export company to fulfill her goals of making it big in her life and in her career.

Beiimaan Love Hindi Movie Review

Raj (Rajniesh Duggall) is a very rich and spoiled play-boy whose father is the owner the company.

Raj through his charm, makes Sunaina fall in love with him. Though, his intentions are not in the form of true love. His father finds out about their romance, which he thinks is beneath his sons level.

However, in an instant her seemingly perfect world is totally turned upside down because of many secrets withheld. Sunania is essentially forced to resign from her job.

She does eventually, move on and go forward from her betrayal of love. Though, she does not handle it or cope with her situation in the best of ways. She chooses the route of revenge. But through her revenge, she rises as a very powerful business woman who is very smart and beautiful. She comes back into public life with a vengeance and taking over the business world!  Showcasing, a whole new look and  attitude ! She is for now, so it seems to be on the “winning side” of this once beloved relationship. And even in her life.

Raj sees her success, new look and attitude but will he be able to get her to love him again?

This film “Beiimaan Love, absolutely shows the chemistry between the leading lady Sunny Leone and our leading man played by Rejneesh  Duggall.

This soundtrack to this movie had to be wonderful, pleasing and delightful.  The music had to match and be equal to the star quality of the famous leading woman. Sunny Leone is known for her upbeat, positive, joyful songs in the previous films she stars in.  Though she isn’t necessarily the best Bollywood actress ever. She makes up for it by her singing and dancing abilities.

The soundtrack composers include; Asad Kham, Sanjeeve Darshan, Ankit Tiwari, Raghave Sachar, Manj Musik, Amjad Nadeem and Raftaar. Produced by  the Zee Music Company.

Film Run Time: 2 hours
Release Date: October 14, 2016 in India
Film Genre: Bollywood, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Starring: Sunny Leone, Rejneesh Duggal, and Daniel Weber
Director: Directed by Rajeev Chaudhari
Written by: Rajeev Chaudhari
Produced by: Avanti Films and Rajeev Chaudhari

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