BLIND: A Gripping Tale of Mystery and Courage

In this article, we explore the intriguing plot of “BLIND,” a thrilling movie that follows the journey of Gia Singh, a visually impaired cop, as she attempts to track down a dangerous serial killer. We delve into the story, performances, and the overall cinematic experience.

Unraveling the Plot

Tragic Beginnings: Gia Singh’s Life Turns Upside Down

  • Gia Singh’s life takes a tragic turn when a fateful accident leaves her blind and her surrogate brother dead.
  • The police force refuses to employ her due to her perceived irresponsibility.

An Unexpected Encounter: The Mysterious Car Ride

  • A mysterious person offers Gia a ride, and she senses something amiss in the car’s trunk.
  • Gia escapes the car, but the next day, she learns of a missing young woman from the same area where she encountered the car.

Seeking Justice: Gia’s Pursuit of the Truth

  • Gia approaches the police, but they don’t take her seriously, except for DI Prithvi Khanna.
  • Nikhil, another witness, shares his account of the missing woman’s sighting.

The Movie’s Adaptation and Screenplay

  • “BLIND” is an official remake of the Korean film of the same name, directed by Ahn Sang-hoon.
  • Shome Makhija’s screenplay delivers thrilling moments but is marred by some loopholes.

Direction and Cinematic Elements

  • Shome Makhija’s direction successfully engages the audience with some standout scenes.
  • However, the film suffers from a slow-paced first half and several cinematic liberties.

Performances: The Cast’s Brilliant Act

  • Sonam Kapoor shines in her role as Gia Singh, convincingly portraying a blind woman grappling with tragedy.
  • Purab Kohli delivers a powerful performance as the antagonist.
  • Vinay Pathak’s portrayal of DI Prithvi Khanna adds depth to the narrative.
  • Supporting actors, like Shubham Saraf and Lillette Dubey, leave a lasting impression.
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Music and Cinematography

  • The music, though Westernized, fails to make a strong impact.
  • Clinton Cerejo and Bianco Gomes’ background score adds to the film’s intensity.
  • Gairik Sarkar’s cinematography effectively complements the thrilling elements.


Despite its compelling performances and thrilling moments, “BLIND” struggles with its length and script issues. The movie, however, manages to keep viewers engaged with its gripping storyline and strong acting.


  1. Is “BLIND” based on a true story?
    • No, “BLIND” is not based on a true story. It is an official remake of the 2011 Korean film of the same title directed by Ahn Sang-hoon.
  2. How does Sonam Kapoor portray a visually impaired character?
    • Sonam Kapoor delivers a remarkable performance in portraying Gia Singh, a visually impaired cop. She convincingly depicts the challenges and emotions of a blind woman who is determined to hunt down a serial killer.
  3. What makes the movie’s screenplay intriguing?
    • The movie’s screenplay by Shome Makhija offers thrilling moments and suspenseful sequences that keep the audience engaged throughout the film. However, it also has some loopholes that affect the overall narrative.
  4. Where was “BLIND” filmed?
    • “BLIND” is primarily set in Glasgow, but specific filming locations are not mentioned in the available information.
  5. How does the film’s background score enhance the viewing experience?
    • The background score by Clinton Cerejo and Bianco Gomes adds to the intensity and suspense of the film. It complements the thrilling elements and helps create a gripping atmosphere.
  6. Does “BLIND” feature any action sequences?
    • Yes, “BLIND” includes some action sequences that heighten the tension and excitement in the film.
  7. What challenges did the director face during the filming?
    • While specific challenges faced by the director, Shome Makhija, are not mentioned, it is common for filmmakers to encounter various obstacles during the production process, including logistical issues, creative decisions, and time constraints.
  8. What are some notable differences between the original Korean version and the remake?
    • As the available information does not provide specific details about the differences between the original Korean version and the remake, further research would be needed to explore any significant variations between the two films.
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