Vikrant Massey reveals friends disrespected him over money.

Vikrant Massey: A Journey from Middle-Class Disrespect to Filmfare Glory

Vikrant Massey has been riding high on the success and love received for his film “12th Fail”. The actor recently won the prestigious Filmfare award, marking a new career high for him. During a recent interaction, he candidly spoke about his journey, highlighting the challenges he faced belonging to a middle-class family.

College Friends’ Disrespect due to Money

In a revealing interview on ‘Unfiltered by Samdish’, Vikrant Massey opened up about the impact of his middle-class background on his life. He recalled instances where he felt disrespected by close friends due to lack of money. One such incident that he shared was how his college friends changed their behavior towards him after they visited his house. He mentioned that his friends judged him based on the condition of his house, causing them to disrespect him.

Shocking Revelation of Disrespect

During the interview, Vikrant Massey made a shocking revelation about the behavior of his college friends towards him. He shared how he invited them for a meal prepared by his mother, who was an amazing cook. However, upon visiting his house, his friends saw the plastic chairs, chipping paint, and damp ceilings, which led to a drastic change in their behavior towards him.

Impact of the Disrespect

Vikrant Massey did not shy away from expressing how the disrespect from his friends affected him. He revealed that at the time, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was a popular trend, and through chats, he learned about the mean comments made by his friends, questioning how he could live in a house like that. This experience had a profound impact on Massey, making him realize the role of money in earning respect from others.

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A Candid Conversation about Money and Respect

In the interview, Vikrant Massey discussed his relationship with money and how the lack of it influenced his career choices. He openly acknowledged his middle-class upbringing and values. His personal experience of being judged by his friends based on his family’s financial status shed light on the societal pressure related to money and respect.

Reflections on the Past

Reflecting on the incidents from his past, Massey emphasized the importance of financial stability and its correlation to respect in society. He acknowledged the hurtful behavior of his friends and how it impacted his perception of money and respect. He emphasized the need for individuals to be mindful of their actions and the impact of their words on others.

Addressing Disrespect and Moving Forward

Vikrant Massey’s bold revelation serves as a reminder of the impact of financial judgment on individuals. His experience sheds light on the need for empathy and understanding. In the face of disrespect, Massey’s story is a testament to resilience and strength. His journey from facing disrespect to achieving success in the film industry reflects his determination to overcome societal barriers.


Vikrant Massey’s journey from facing disrespect due to lack of money to achieving success in the film industry is a story of perseverance and determination. His candid revelations serve as a reminder of the impact of financial judgment and the need for empathy and understanding in society.

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