Umrao Jaan Ada: India’s First Live Outdoor Musical in Ahmedabad

**Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical to Premiere in Ahmedabad, India**

The highly anticipated musical adaptation of Umrao Jaan Ada, featuring Neetu Chandra in the lead role, is set to make its grand premiere in Ahmedabad, India. This groundbreaking production will mark the first time in India’s history that the iconic play will be performed live on an open-air stage. The creators behind the show have promised that Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical will raise the bar for musical productions in the country.

**A Spectacular Showcase of Talent**

Audiences can expect a mesmerizing performance with a total of 40 individuals gracing the stage. In addition to the talented actors, the production will feature 4 singers, 14 trained Kathak performers, and other skilled artists. The magic of the performances, whether it’s the music, dance, singing, or acting, will all be live and not pre-recorded. With around 400 intricately designed costumes and Neetu Chandra’s captivating portrayal of Umrao Jaan, this show promises to be a visual spectacle like no other.

**A Musical Extravaganza in Ahmedabad**

Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical will not only showcase classic tunes from the iconic Rekha-starrer Umrao Jaan but will also introduce two new original songs to the mix. The audience will witness seamless set changes happening right before their eyes without interruption, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the overall experience.

Neetu Chandra expressed her enthusiasm for the premiere in Ahmedabad, stating, “I am very excited and very happy that we are doing a premiere in Ahmedabad. I expect Ahmedabad to accept me as Umrao Jaan with open arms. As Umrao Jaan in Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical, I will leave no stone unturned to make the audience feel my presence onstage.”

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**A Stellar Creative Team**

The music for the play is composed by the acclaimed duo Salim-Sulaiman, with choreography by Pooja Pant. Directed by Rajeev Goswami and scripted by Varun Gautam, ‘Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical’ is a collaboration presented by Blue Wave Events and Gravity Zero. The production is also gearing up for a North America tour, set to captivate audiences across the continent.

Meit Shah of Blue Wave Events expressed his excitement for the upcoming North American tour, stating, “The classy and prestigious show will give something to cherish to the South Asian community in North America. I am looking forward to the play’s USA tour.”

**A North American Tour to Follow**

The North American Tour of Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical will kick off in New Jersey on April 12 and conclude in Washington DC on June 1. This tour promises to bring the magic of Umrao Jaan to audiences across North America, offering a unique cultural experience to all attendees.

In conclusion, the premiere of Umrao Jaan Ada: The Westend Musical in Ahmedabad is set to be a momentous occasion in Indian theatrical history. With its stellar cast, captivating performances, and innovative production design, this musical promises to be a must-see event for theatre enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on the groundbreaking production brought to you by MyAxom Reviews.

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