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Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya Review {2.5/5} & Review Rating

TERI BAATON MEIN AISA ULJHA JIYA is a unique love story that revolves around a man and a robot. Aryan (Shahid Kapoor), a robotics engineer at E-Robotics in Mumbai, is pressured by his family in Delhi to get married. His maternal aunt, Urmila (Dimple Kapadia), a senior employee at E-Robotics, sends him to the USA for a project. However, upon reaching the USA, Urmila leaves for Belgium, leaving Aryan in the care of her manager, Sifra (Kriti Sanon). Aryan and Sifra develop a romantic connection, but Aryan is left in shock when Urmila reveals that Sifra is actually a robot and that she purposely hid this information from him. Aryan returns to India to avoid falling further in love with Sifra and agrees to an arranged marriage. But his feelings for Sifra lead him to devise a plan and announce that he’s marrying her. The film delves into the aftermath of this decision and the challenges that arise.

Story and Screenplay

Amit Joshi and Aradhana Sah’s story is refreshing, and the screenplay has moments of brilliance. However, the consistency and the climax of the screenplay could have been stronger. The dialogues are well written but not all jokes land as effectively as intended. The direction is decent with a good understanding of family film dynamics, although some attempts at humor fall flat and the climax feels abrupt.

Performances and Music

Shahid Kapoor delivers a stellar performance, showcasing great comedic timing and emotional depth. Kriti Sanon shines in her portrayal of a character that blurs the line between robot and human. The supporting cast contributes effectively to the film, and the music is of chartbuster quality, adding to the overall appeal of the film.

Technical Aspects

The cinematography, production design, costumes, and action sequences are well-executed, enhancing the visual and aesthetic appeal of the film. The VFX work is particularly praiseworthy, seamlessly integrating the robot element into the story.


TERI BAATON MEIN AISA ULJHA JIYA is anchored by strong performances and technical finesse, but it falls short in terms of consistency in screenplay and an abrupt climax. While it may appeal to a specific section of the audience, its overall box office prospects might be limited.

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