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Thank you Brother Movie Review: The suspense is decreased by their predictability

Thank you Brother: The tale is of two different persons: a rich youth who likes living to party and woo ladies, a pregnant lady that loses her husband and strives in her life without taking any care of anything else in the world. Both of them stay for many hours in an elevator, turning their lives upside-down.

Review: If you saw a trailer of the Thank You Brother Ramesh Raparthi, you saw almost all that is there to provide. Not much more is brought to the table by the movie. You’ll get a feeling of Déjà vu if you saw the Nigerian Elevator Baby film and you will be left wondering why the filmmaker made the modifications that he made. The tinkering made it necessary for this picture to have a close script and passionate acting which sadly did not succeed. Thank you Brother offers up many opportunities, but he doesn’t keep you hooked all over and misses the target many times.

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Two key characters circle throughout the film. Abhi (Viraj Ashwin), born into a rich family, is a spoiled child, whose lives are about friends, parties, and ladies who spend one night. At an early age, Abhi loses his father and Bhanu (Archana Ananth) is wedded at the alliance Prem (Anish Kuruvilla), a covenant that Abhi does not end up loathing, both. Bhanu cut Abhi off financially, leaving him to fight for himself, because of his reckless lifestyle. Apart from that, Priya (Anasuya Bharadwaj) is a pregnant woman who loses her husband in an accident and lives with her mothers’ baby. she loses her husband in the factory (Annapurnamma). Priya no longer assumes responsibilities with the family’s only earner. When you are trapped together in the elevator, the paths of these two opposing personalities intersect, putting them in a scenario you never expected.

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One of the pleasant features of Gratitude Brother is that Ramesh does not fear that pregnant ladies would be there in their entirety. Film producers prefer to leave male characters out, particularly when women give birth, but Ramesh shows us that he is prepared to portray what is thought to be unpleasant.

Sadly, an intriguing tale on the surface fails in execution. Although much of the first hour has passed to introduce us to the principal characters, in the background nothing is going on to engage you. The narrative only gains pace in the second half, when we climax. The comedy is weak and deserving of grimace, the background soundtrack is badly presented, and above all emotions flow flat. The humor is not up to scratch.

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But Anasuya is mature as the pregnant Priya and is strongly present on screens every time she arrives. Viraj Ashwin is also serious about his approach and performs quite well. They manage to keep the film in full swing, but Thank You Brother’s undoing is a predictable plot and a poor picture. To the credit of the performers. At the end of it, you have more mistakes than hits, and as a spectator, you want more.

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