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Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath, On Netflix, Is A Shallow Continuation Of The Leatherface Story

Director: David Blue Garcia
Writers: Chris Thomas Devlin, Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
Forged: Mark Burnham, Elsie Fisher, Olwen Fouéré, Nell Hudson, Sarah Yarkin, Jacob Latimore
Ricardo Diaz
Streaming on: Netflix

Shorter than its lean prequel, however filled with references to the present cultural local weather and characters who function outdoors the realm of rationality, Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath borrows the beats of its traditional predecessor whereas misunderstanding its spirit, leading to what usually looks like a parody of the franchise. As a direct sequel to The Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath (1974) — the movie ignores the seven movies within the franchise launched since — it drops the underlying pathos that made the unique so affecting, swapping it with a serviceable slasher plot that conveys its opinions about millennials with all of the subtlety of a chainsaw hacking by means of flesh.

Each movies observe a gaggle of youngsters who journey to distant Texas, solely to run into the chainsaw-wielding cannibal Leatherface. The unique, nonetheless, recontextualised the horror style by transferring the main focus away from the fear inflicted by the perpetrator, and emphasising the tragedy of his victims’ deaths, rendered much more affecting by their youth. In that movie, the teenagers’ gory ends solely happened due to their trusting nature. Set towards the sweltering Texas summer time, they exhibited the guilelessness of these within the spring of their youth. They picked up a hitchhiker in a wierd a part of the nation, regarded to planets in retrograde to make sense of their lives and didn’t assume twice earlier than in search of shelter at an deserted home. As determined as viewers may need been to get them to rethink their plans, they couldn’t fault their obliviousness — who thinks about demise within the prime of their life? 

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