Street Dancer 3D Music Review

Street Dancer 3D Music Review: Dance and music have always been inseparable companions in the world of entertainment, and “Street Dancer 3D” is no exception. As one of the most anticipated dance films of recent times, “Street Dancer 3D” not only showcases spectacular dance performances but also delivers an electrifying soundtrack that fuels the energy of its choreography. In this review, we delve into the pulsating beats and vibrant melodies of “Street Dancer 3D” to uncover its musical essence.

Overview of “Street Dancer 3D”: “Street Dancer 3D” is a Bollywood dance drama directed by Remo D’Souza, known for his expertise in choreography and dance-centric films. The movie revolves around the intense rivalry between street dancers from India and Pakistan, highlighting the spirit of unity through dance battles and cultural exchanges. With a star-studded cast including Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, and Nora Fatehi, the film promises a visual extravaganza coupled with foot-tapping music.

Importance of Music in Dance Films: In dance-centric films like “Street Dancer 3D,” music plays a pivotal role in setting the mood, enhancing emotional impact, and driving the narrative forward. From heart-pounding beats to soul-stirring melodies, the soundtrack serves as the heartbeat of the film, connecting the audience to the characters’ journey and intensifying their dance performances.

Review of Key Tracks:

Muqabla “Muqabla,” a revamped version of the iconic song from the 1994 film “Humse Hai Muqabla,” emerges as the anthem of “Street Dancer 3D.” With its catchy tune, energetic choreography, and Prabhudeva’s legendary dance moves, “Muqabla” sets the stage on fire and leaves the audience craving for more.

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Garmi “Garmi” is a sizzling track that heats up the dance floor with its infectious rhythm and sassy lyrics. Sung by Badshah and Neha Kakkar, this high-octane number pulsates with energy and perfectly complements the scorching chemistry between the lead actors.

Illegal Weapon 2.0 “Illegal Weapon 2.0” is a dynamic fusion of Punjabi beats and urban hip-hop, featuring Jasmine Sandlas and Garry Sandhu. The song exudes swagger and attitude, making it a favorite among dancers and music enthusiasts alike.

Lagdi Lahore Di “Lagdi Lahore Di” is a celebration of love and culture, blending Punjabi folk elements with contemporary pop sounds. Crooned by Guru Randhawa and Tulsi Kumar, this romantic track strikes a chord with its melodious tunes and picturesque visuals.

Music Composition and Production:

Background Score Apart from the chart-topping songs, the background score of “Street Dancer 3D” deserves special mention for its seamless integration with the narrative. Composed by Sachin-Jigar, the pulsating beats and evocative melodies enhance the emotional depth of key scenes, elevating the overall cinematic experience.

Collaboration with Artists One of the highlights of the film’s music is its collaboration with renowned artists from diverse musical backgrounds. From rap verses by Badshah to traditional folk vocals, “Street Dancer 3D” embraces a wide spectrum of musical styles, reflecting the rich tapestry of Indian music culture.

Cultural Fusion in Music “Street Dancer 3D” transcends musical boundaries by blending traditional Indian sounds with contemporary global trends. The fusion of bhangra, hip-hop, and EDM creates a dynamic soundscape that resonates with audiences worldwide, fostering cross-cultural appreciation and unity.

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Impact on Audience and Dance Culture:

Influence on Dance Trends The electrifying dance sequences choreographed to the tunes of “Street Dancer 3D” have sparked a new wave of dance trends and challenges on social media platforms. From viral dance covers to fan-made tributes, the film’s music has inspired a generation of dancers to showcase their talent and creativity.

Reception by Fans and Critics “Street Dancer 3D” has received mixed reviews from both fans and critics, with praise for its mesmerizing dance sequences and criticism for its predictable storyline. However, the unanimous consensus remains on the film’s exceptional music, which serves as its driving force and main attraction.

Social Media Buzz The songs of “Street Dancer 3D” have created a buzz on social media platforms, garnering millions of views and likes on YouTube and other streaming platforms. The catchy hooks and vibrant visuals have propelled the film’s music to the top of the charts, solidifying its status as a musical sensation.

Conclusion: “Street Dancer 3D” delivers a sensory feast for both music and dance enthusiasts, showcasing the power of rhythm and movement to transcend barriers and unite people across cultures. With its eclectic soundtrack and exhilarating choreography, the film sets a new benchmark for dance-centric cinema, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


Q: Is “Street Dancer 3D” a sequel to any previous film?

A: No, “Street Dancer 3D” is not a sequel but a standalone film focusing on street dance competitions.

Q: Are the lead actors trained dancers?

A: Yes, actors like Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor underwent extensive dance training for their roles in the film.

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Q: Who composed the music for “Street Dancer 3D”?

A: The music for “Street Dancer 3D” was composed by Sachin-Jigar.

Q: Did “Street Dancer 3D” perform well at the box office?

A: While the film received mixed reviews, it performed decently at the box office, especially in the urban multiplexes.

Q: Are there any special appearances in the film?

A: Yes, several renowned dancers and choreographers make cameo appearances in “Street Dancer 3D.”