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Running Saadi.Com February 3rd, 2017 Movie Review

“Running Saadi”isbased on the desire for everyone to find their one true love and live happily together. The official Shaadi online marriage matching site is one of the most successful dating and marriage sites ever in India. Its success evens reaches to others countries as well. The site itself boasts over 4 million marriage matches to date. “Saadi’s”, achievement continues as it has reality shows and even social awareness initiatives as well.

Our story follows young friends RamBharose (played byAmit Sadh). His super smart friend, SarabjeetSidhaana also called, “Cyberjeet” who is played by ArshBajwa. He is a techie kind of guy. He knows everything there is to know about computers and helps them set up their site. Cyberjeet has big dreams of being India’s version of Apples’ Steve Jobs or Facebook’s Zuckerberg.

Their female friend Nimmi is their advisor on the matches. She’s played by the lovely TapseePannu.Nimmi is, very strong-willed and independent girl. Ram used to work at a bridal shop with Nimmi’s father. So, he isn’t totally new to the whole wedding and bridal industry. He does have some insight into it.

They have the great idea of making their own“Shaadi” inspired Indian Marriage Website. Hoping to make money like the official sites and eventually good matches. It all seems like a good idea. Just as soon as they set up the site and the couples they have a great success. The site is designed to help couples by-pass some of the normal and often constricting engagement and marriage traditions. What Ram and Cyberjeet are really doing is challenging the society’s norms. They have many happy costumers who run away with the loves of their life. Instead, of having the expected arranged marriages being But, the site causes a commotion and conflicts within the local community.
Bharose, is very smart though he isn’t very educated and can’t read well. He really has the mind to be a really successful businessman. Some of his desire to form the site come from his own troubles with his relationship.
The film is in a very goofy even slapstick style at times.

Our movie is written and directed by Amit Roy. Whose other successful films include; Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, and IshqVishk.

There has been a good reception for the film. With the YouTube trailer having been viewed over 1 million times already. It has been set to release in over 1,000 theatres for audiences to view.

The music featured in, “” has already received critical success and praise. As has all the other previous films of ShoojitSircars.

Running Saadi Movie Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Indian, Hindi, Romantic, Comedy
Stars:Amit Sadh, TaapseePannu
Director:Amit Roy
Producer:Ronnie Lahiri and ShoojitSircarCrouching Tiger Motion Pictures
Writer/Screenplay:Navjot Gulati and Amit Roy
Production Company:Rising Sun Films
Release Date:February 3rd, 2017

Running Saadi Movie trailer:

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