Prithviraj denies shooting intimate scene with goat

The Goat Life Success Sparks Controversy

Success often invites its fair share of controversies, and the latest buzz surrounding Blessy and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s acclaimed Malayalam film, The Goat Life, is no exception.

Prithviraj Sukumaran on The Goat Life, “We never shot the intimate scene with the goat”

One particular controversy surrounds a scene depicting Najeeb, portrayed as isolated and disoriented, engaging in a questionable act with a goat. The scene originates from the novel version of Najeeb’s story by Benyamin, who suggested at a public event that the controversial bestiality scene had been filmed for the movie.

However, Prithviraj clarified, “We never shot it. It was the director’s decision that Najeeb’s character arc wouldn’t involve such actions.”

Reflecting on his experience portraying Najeeb, Prithviraj shared, “When Blessy first approached me for this film in 2008, I grappled with how to approach the character. Ultimately, we decided to align Najeeb with the portrayal in the novel Aadujeevitham and Blessy’s vision of the character for the movie.”

Sound designer Resul Pookutty added, “The book depicted a scene of Najeeb and the goat, which sparked anticipation among viewers. However, Blessy chose to omit this uncomfortable moment in the film adaptation, dismissing it as baseless speculation.”

Prithviraj’s Physical Transformation for The Goat Life

Prithviraj’s commitment to his role in The Goat Life extended beyond performance, as he underwent significant physical transformation for the film. “I had to lose around 30 kgs twice to embody the character effectively,” he revealed.

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