BARBIE: A Tale of Struggles and Empowerment

In the enchanting world of Barbieland, where confident and successful Barbies reside, a disaster strikes Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie). Life seems content as the Barbie residents run the society with ease, while the Ken residents engage in leisure activities on the seashore. Ken (Ryan Gosling) is deeply in love with Stereotypical Barbie, but unfortunately, his feelings aren’t reciprocated. However, everything changes when Stereotypical Barbie realizes that she has developed flat feet and starts having unsettling thoughts. She also notices cellulite, which leads her to make a surprising decision.

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s Masterstroke

The storytelling prowess of Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach shines through in the tale of Barbie. The writers have skillfully integrated feminist themes, making it a truly unique experience. The screenplay seamlessly blends thought-provoking issues with entertaining moments. The film is peppered with witty dialogues that leave the audience clapping and cheering.

Bizarre Barbie (Kate McKinnon), an outcast, suggests that Stereotypical Barbie should venture into the Real World to find the child playing with her. Bizarre Barbie believes that the child’s struggles in real life are impacting Stereotypical Barbie. Determined to uncover the truth, Stereotypical Barbie embarks on a journey to the Real World, accompanied by Ken, who gladly volunteers to be by her side. As she steps into the Real World, her perception of the world she knew in Barbieland shatters, leaving her facing reality in an entirely new light. The journey takes unexpected turns, leading to a profound reality check for both Stereotypical Barbie and Ken. The rest of the film unfolds with gripping twists and turns.

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Greta Gerwig’s Artful Direction


Greta Gerwig’s direction brings out the perfect balance of emotions and light-heartedness in the film. Despite dealing with emotional scenes, the mood remains buoyant, keeping the audience thoroughly engaged. Care has been taken to preserve the essence of the iconic Barbie doll, ensuring a treat for fans worldwide. The integration of Barbie’s distinctive features into the narrative is reminiscent of the LEGO MOVIE series. Additionally, Greta Gerwig’s humorous take on the production company, Mattel, adds a delightful touch. Beyond entertainment, the film holds powerful messages on patriarchy and women empowerment, resonating deeply with the audience.

The Real World and Barbieland: A Mysterious Connection

While the concept of the Real World influencing life in Barbieland and vice versa may appear vague, it adds a fascinating layer to the story. The clash on the beach in the pre-climax, while imaginative, lacks the desired humorous impact. The climax, although divisive, leaves room for intriguing possibilities in the future.

Outstanding Performances and Captivating Music

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Barbie is remarkable, perfectly capturing the essence of the beloved doll. Her performance is a delightful blend of vivacity and emotional depth. Ryan Gosling’s depiction of Ken is a departure from his previous roles, and he flawlessly embodies the character. Kate McKinnon leaves a lasting impression as Bizarre Barbie. America Ferrera’s monologue steals the spotlight, while Will Ferrell impresses as Mattel CEO.

The music, composed by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, seamlessly complements the film’s mood and theme. Tracks like ‘Pink’ and ‘Barbie World’ exude a captivating Disney animation movie feel. The cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto is neat, and Sarah Greenwood’s production design is imaginative and breathtaking. The Barbieworld’s appeal is undeniable, and Jacqueline Durran’s costumes are a work of art. VFX plays a pivotal role in elevating the film, and Nick Houy’s editing keeps the pace engaging.

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An Empowering and Entertaining Journey

BARBIE is a vibrant entertainer with a significant commentary on patriarchy and women empowerment. The film promises a tremendous opening at the box office, with its potential to become one of the highest-grossing non-dubbed Hollywood films in India. If embraced by women and family audiences, it’s bound to leave a lasting impact on viewers.