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Neerja Hindi Movie Review

Neerja Hindi Movie Review: It is an inspiring story directed by Ram Madhvani written by Saiwyn Quadras and Sanyuktha Chawal Shaikh. Atul Kashbekar’s company produced it. Starring in this movie is Sonam Kapoor as a title character with Shabana Aazmi, Yogendra Tiku and Shekhar Ravjiani in the supporting roles of the film. Neerja (Sonam Kapoor) was a model who works in the pan is airways. It is revealed that the Abu Nidal Organization,  a Libyan sponsored terrorist group, has planned to hijack the plane in Karachi but after hearing this news Neerja made everyone alert, and told everyone that  how to handle the situation, as a girl she played an inspiring role. Everyone were shocked and audience were shocked while they all were watching some in theaters, we got many great comments and tributes for Sonam Kapoor as they way she handled the situation. Even many of them get inspired as the film ends with a tribute to Neerja.

Neerja Hindi Movie Review

Neerja has saved everyone’s life she itself has a fatally shot by the terrorist when she tries to shield young children from the gun fires. She was eventually honored posthumously with the Ashoka Chakra. She was an extremely principled girl with the most amazing characteristics. She had the presence of mind as she handled the situation very properly and kindness to take care of people and not herself. This movie is an inspirational movie that if a girl can do this why not others can do this. It is a family oriented movie, as Sonam Kapoor had played such a salient inspiring role in Neerja movie everyone must watch this movie. If a girl has managed to win everyone’s heart than every Indian should watch this movie. Neerja is a film that will pull you right into the action, make you fear for the characters, touch your heart and finally leave you teary-eyed. Neerja shows us what are to be a true Indian, and above all, a true human being! Neerja Bhanot was a true Indian hero, this film is the true need of time for us to know what nationalism, and humanity is actually.

Sonam Kapoor uses her limitations to her advantages this time. No one can play this role as Sonam Kapoor did and that is her biggest achievement, she has shown reading two different letters in two different scenarios. She was still smooth, but her performance overtakes her flaws. Last 30 minutes of the film is too strong and heart touching and emotionally wrought. You can predict , how the film will end, and yet the way they handled to depict the Neerja’s sacrifice will definitely touch the deepest crevasses of your heart. Neerja is a family oriented movie you can watch this movie with your parents and you will get very good experiences while watching this movie, you will know how to use your mind and in what place you have to use your mind. Neerja is a very inspiring movie for everyone you must watch this movie.  Release date: February 19, 2016

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