Murder Mubarak: unpredictable climax, compelling performances

Murder Mubarak Review – A Detailed Analysis

If you’re a fan of murder mysteries, “Murder Mubarak” might just be the film for you. Directed by Homi Adajania and starring a talented ensemble cast including Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Vijay Varma, Dimple Kapadia, Sanjay Kapoor, and Tisca Chopra, the movie revolves around a cop investigating a murder at the Delhi Royal Club.

The story kicks off with a Tambola night at the club attended by its prominent members, setting the stage for a gripping whodunit tale. The next day, the discovery of a dead body in the club gym sets off a chain of events that lead ACP Bhavani Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) and Inspector Padam Kumar (Priyank Tiwari) to unravel the mystery behind the murder.

Based on the book ‘Club You To Death’ by Anuja Chauhan, the screenplay by Gazal Dhaliwal and Suprotim Sengupta is breezy and light, with some standout moments. However, the film falls short of achieving the desired level of excitement, despite the engaging premise. Homi Adajania’s direction is decent, with a stylish yet simplified approach that manages to keep the audience hooked.

One of the highlights of the movie is the performances, with Pankaj Tripathi stealing the show as the cop with impeccable Hindi. Sara Ali Khan delivers a stellar performance, especially in the second half, while Vijay Varma impresses as expected. Karisma Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia, although looking stunning, have limited roles in the film. Sanjay Kapoor’s character arc is intriguing but suffers a bit in the second half. The supporting cast, including Tisca Chopra, Deven Bhojani, and others, also deliver commendable performances.

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The music by Sachin-Jigar adds to the film’s charm, with songs like ‘Yaad Aave’ and ‘Bhola Bhala Baby’ seamlessly blending into the narrative. The background score, cinematography, production design, and costumes are all on point, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

While “Murder Mubarak” has its moments of brilliance, such as the unpredictable climax and engaging performances, the slow narrative and unexciting moments hamper its impact to some extent. Despite its flaws, the film is worth a watch for its intriguing storyline and strong acting performances.

In conclusion, “Murder Mubarak” may not be a flawless murder mystery, but it certainly has its share of thrills and surprises that make it an entertaining watch for fans of the genre.