Mukesh Khanna criticizes Ranveer Singh as Shaktimaan

Mukesh Khanna Deletes Video Slamming Ranveer Singh’s Shaktimaan Casting

Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, renowned for his iconic portrayal of the superhero Shaktimaan, recently stirred controversy with a social media post regarding the rumored casting of Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh in a potential Shaktimaan project. The video initially surfaced on YouTube and was subsequently shared on Khanna’s Instagram account. However, both posts have since been removed by the actor. The now-deleted video contained Khanna’s outspoken views on the alleged Shaktimaan movie casting.

The casting rumors surrounding the superhero film have been circulating for some time, with no official confirmation provided. In response to these reports, Khanna took to social media to express his sentiments, which did not sit well with Singh’s fan base.

“Social media has been abuzz with speculations about Ranveer Singh stepping into the role of Shaktimaan for months now,” the 65-year-old actor stated. “The choice did not resonate well with many. While I remained silent initially, the formal announcement of Ranveer’s involvement prompted me to speak up. I firmly believe that an actor, regardless of their star power, must align with the essence of Shaktimaan’s character.”

In the now-deleted YouTube video, Khanna expanded on his perspective, proposing alternative roles for Singh and suggesting that he explore opportunities in countries like Finland and Spain where he could showcase his physique in projects with more frequent nudity. He remarked, “Engage in projects that allow you to feature nude scenes regularly.”

Khanna emphasized, “I have conveyed to the producers that their competition shouldn’t be benchmarked against Spider-Man, Batman, or Captain Planet. Shaktimaan embodies not only a superhero but also serves as a mentor figure. The actor portraying this role must possess the ability to captivate and influence audiences with their speech. While there are several prominent actors, their established personas may overshadow the character of Shaktimaan.”

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