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MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart Bollywood Movie Review

MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart Bollywood Movie Review: MSG The Lion Heart “Is a saint who changed the world.” according the films website. It is based on a true story though thoroughly embellished.

The story is about ancient Rajput warrior from Rajasthan who really lived many hundreds of years ago. Our hero combats for the pride of his homeland and the good treatment of the women of his community. He doesn’t fight for what most people or princes for that matter fight for. Which makes it an inspiring story. Even more so because it was a true one.

This story, is set many hundreds of years away from each other. From the warrior of ancient times to a hero of today. Our hero transitions from the old country of our hero takes a new identity as a spy like agent on secret missions. His attitude matches his outrageous costumes.

MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart Bollywood Movie Review


Our heroic warrior in today’s modern times, fights off everyone from aliens from outer space who are trying to take over the world, rock monsters, to crazy female warriors on horseback.

He is not only his homeland’s only hope but the world’s hope as well. He tries to use his wisdom and knowledge of the old ways to combat this new threat from outer-space.

Our hero “LionHeart” really does have a lionheart full of courage and compassion.

MSG The Warrior: Lion Heart” is directed, stars, and features music by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

The soundtrack of MSG The Warrior is arranged by the director as well making it a well-rounded film in it’s vision.

This film features over the top backgrounds, and characters. It is more categorized as a comedy I think than a drama. As it is comedic even in it’s heroism. But I do think that I has a whole lot of heart.

“MSG The Warrior” is a film that is colorful, futuristic and yet has traditional elements at the same time.  In it’s light effects it kind of reminds me at times of the movie “TRON.”

It seems interesting enough though I wouldn’t see it in theaters but maybe when it came out on dvd. It seems like a lower budget feature.

This film has also  some awards given to it. MSG The Warrior is by Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation and it’s also produced by Hakikat Entertainment who recently one an award for “Most Popular Actor, Writer, and Director.”

The films also won  awards  from the “India book of Records.”  Which include: The most people performing dance sequences in a movie. As well as the most people to light candles in a movie.

Genre: Bollywood, Drama, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: October 7th, 2016 in India, October 14th in USA
Stars: Saint Doctor Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan
Director: Baap Beti ki Jodi, Saint Doctor Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, and Honeypreet Insan
Producer:  CP Arora Insan
Movie Runtime: 1 hour and 58 mins

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