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Mona Darling

Mona Darling Movie Review

February 17th, 2017



If you like horror, thriller films you will like “Mona Darling.” It takes place in today’s world which is a lot of technology. Focusing on the rise of social networks and its role in our lives. This film is featured as India’s first “social media thriller.” Which, just this fact alone will bring in a not only a big audience but a wide-ranging one as well. It showcases the ever-popular love and even dependence upon social media in the upper classes of today’s youth and young adults in India.

The opening shows the death of students at a local college campus The Indian Institute For Technology.  The college is a good backdrop and even a character in the story as well. Previous to this, our students careless enjoying the freedom that being away from home gives. Partying, hooking up with no thoughts of the next moment let alone what they will do after college.


While this is going on Mona Raheja (played by Suzanna Mukherjee) is deemed as a missing person from her dorm. Her closest friend Sarah (played by Divya Menon) is in a frantic search to discover where she’s gone. Sarah tries everything to find her friend. She even includes another student Wiki (played by Anushman Jha) who is a tech nerd and can find anything on the internet. He is eccentric, to say the least, but he is the only hope she has at this point. He is not only super smart but a genius. So, as Wiki and Sarah work together they come across a Facebook page that is posing to be Mona. This person is also asking everyone to be their friend on Facebook. This person and this page are the keys to finding Mona and what is happening on the campus.

So, who killed these students and where is Mona? How is this Facebook page the key to everything?

The journey to find the truth is suspenseful thrilling and even terrifying as the truth emerges. It’s hard to tell at times who is good and who is bad in the film. As well as, what is the real world or not.

The cast is young and very beautiful. Starring the much awarded and beloved Sanjay Suri.

“Mona Darling” is written and directed by the talented Shashi Sudigala. Which has other films under his belt writing and directing for those as well.

The music doesn’t seem to be a good fit however and could have been done better. Music is arranged and composed by Manish J. Tipu.

The critics have been split on this films some giving it only two stars while others awarding eight of ten starts.


Film Details: 

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Drama, Thriller, Horror

Stars: Anshuman Jha, Divya Menon, Suzanna Mukherjee

Director:  Shashi Sudigala

Writer/Screenplay:  Shashi Sudigala

Producer:  First Ray Films

Production Company: First Ray Films, Vashu Bhagnani

Movie Runtime:  1 hour and 49 minutes

Release Date: February 17, 2017


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