MAMI Select shorts shot on iPhone; mentored by Bollywood’s best, screened now!

MAMI Select: Filmed on iPhone Presents Emerging Filmmakers

Last year, the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival introduced a groundbreaking program called ‘MAMI Select: Filmed on iPhone.’ This initiative provided a platform for a group of talented emerging filmmakers from the MAMI Alumni to challenge traditional cinematic norms by creating high-quality short films shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and edited on a MacBook Pro. After six months, these five innovative shorts premiered theatrically, attracting top talents from the industry like Vishal Bhardwaj, Vikramaditya Motwane, Rohan Sippy, and many more. The films are now available for exclusive streaming on the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival Youtube channel.

The New Generation of Indian Cinema

The young filmmakers participating in MAMI Select: Filmed on iPhone represent a shift in the Indian cinema landscape. They have redefined narrative storytelling by leveraging the capabilities of the iPhone and Macbook Pro. Mentored by renowned figures like Vishal Bhardwaj, Vikramaditya Motwane, and Rohan Sippy, filmmakers Archana Atul Phadke, Faraz Ali, Prateek Vats, Saumyananda Sahi, and Saurav Rai have pushed creative boundaries and crafted compelling narratives in a fresh cinematic format.

Festival Director Anupama Chopra expressed her excitement about the program, emphasizing MAMI’s commitment to supporting independent filmmakers. She highlighted the collaborative opportunities created by MAMI Select—Filmed on iPhone and anticipated the global audience’s reaction to these innovative films.

Transforming Imagination into Reality

Vishal Bhardwaj, reflecting on his experience with the MAMI Select project, praised the next-gen filmmakers for their talent and creativity. Shooting his award-winning short film ‘Fursat’ on the iPhone, Bhardwaj found the process liberating, enabling him to capture unique perspectives effortlessly. He emphasized the empowering nature of using an iPhone to bring imagination to life, heralding a new era for filmmakers.

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Vikramaditya Motwane echoed Bhardwaj’s sentiments, recognizing the transformative potential of merging art with technology like the iPhone. He identified the program as a catalyst for innovation in storytelling, creating a platform for experimental narratives. Motwane lauded the filmmakers for their inspirational work and eagerly anticipated the audience’s reaction to their films.

Pushing Creative Boundaries

Rohan Sippy commended the five filmmakers for their exceptional work using the iPhone and Macbook Pro. Each film offers a unique narrative rooted in contemporary themes, showcasing the filmmakers’ dedication and artistic vision. Sippy praised the filmmakers for harnessing the iPhone’s capabilities to deliver a cinematic experience that resonates long after the viewing.

At the special screening on April 18, 2024, in Mumbai, the following short films were showcased:

  • Archana Atul Phadke’s Film
  • Faraz Ali’s Film
  • Prateek Vats’s Film
  • Saumyananda Sahi’s Film
  • Saurav Rai’s Film


The MAMI Select: Filmed on iPhone initiative has paved the way for a new era of filmmaking, blending technology with artistry to create captivating narratives. The collaboration between emerging filmmakers and industry stalwarts has resulted in a diverse collection of films that challenge traditional storytelling conventions. As these films continue to resonate with audiences, they signal a shift towards innovative and experimental storytelling in Indian cinema.


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