Mahesh wows, Trivikram disappoints; see fan reactions.

Mahesh Babu’s latest movie Guntur Kaaram has finally hit the theaters. Fans have eagerly awaited the release of this action drama, specially timed for Sankranthi. The movie boasts a strong family drama that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. As fans flock to the theaters to catch a glimpse of Mahesh Babu in action, online reviews of the film have started pouring in. Let’s take a look at the mixed reactions to Guntur Kaaram.

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Guntur Kaaram, which marks Mahesh Babu’s collaboration with Trivikram after 14 years, has left fans divided. While many appreciate Mahesh Babu’s suave look and impressive performance, some have expressed disappointment with the story and Trivikram’s direction. The movie reportedly leans heavily into family drama, with some viewers feeling that it rehashes themes seen in Trivikram’s previous films.

While fans praise Mahesh Babu’s one-man show and the strong performances of the supporting cast, they haven’t held back in criticizing the movie’s shortcomings. Several netizens have expressed dissatisfaction with the movie’s storyline, dialogues, and screenplay.

Overall, the reviews range from fully satisfied to outright disappointment, with some fans calling out the lack of originality and expressing their hopes for better future projects from the team.

Reviewers have also noted the movie’s outdated story, unnecessary action, and underutilized lead actress. Despite Mahesh Babu’s charismatic presence, the film seems to have left some viewers wanting more.

The soundtrack, choreography, and emotional climax have received praise, but they are overshadowed by the general dissatisfaction with the film’s writing and direction.

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As the audience continues to share their reactions, it’s clear that Guntur Kaaram has sparked a wide range of emotions among fans and critics alike. Whether it’s the powerful performances, lackluster storytelling, or mixed musical moments, this film has definitely created a buzz.

Stay tuned to see how Guntur Kaaram fares at the box office and how it ultimately lands in the eyes of fans and critics.

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Apart from Mahesh Babu, Guntur Kaaram boasts a star-studded cast including Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Ramya Krishnan, Jayaram, Prakash Rah, and Jagapathi Babu. S Radha Krishna has produced the movie under the banner of Haarika & Hassine Creations. Manoj Paramahamsa and P. S. Vinod have skillfully handled the cinematography, while Thaman S has delivered a strong musical score.

In an interview, Mahesh Babu expressed his excitement for this new venture and credited Trivikram Srinivas for presenting him in a new light. He emphasized his faith in the director and expressed his desire to collaborate with him again.

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