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Madgaon Express Review {3.5/5} & Review Rating

Star Cast: Pratik Gandhi, Divyenndu, Avinash Tiwary, Nora Fatehi

Director: Kunal Kemmu

Madgaon Express Movie Synopsis:

MADGAON EXPRESS follows the story of three friends in trouble. In 1998, Dhanush Sawant aka Dodo (Divyenndu), Pratik Garodia aka Pinku (Pratik Gandhi), and Ayush Gupta (Avinash Tiwary) from Mumbai dream of going to Goa after their board examinations. However, due to their parents’ reluctance, their plans are thwarted. In 2003, they make another attempt to plan the trip after their graduation, but fate intervenes as their car meets with an accident. Several years later, Pinku moves to Cape Town while Ayush moves to New York, achieving success and wealth. In contrast, Dodo struggles to hold down a steady job. Seeing his friends’ prosperity on social media, Dodo resorts to Photoshop to create a false lavish lifestyle for himself. In 2015, Pinku and Ayush decide to visit Mumbai and stay at Dodo’s supposed penthouse. To divert attention from his humble reality, Dodo suggests they finally embark on their long-awaited trip to Goa. Despite Pinku and Ayush’s reluctance, they agree to travel by Madgaon Express, reliving their 2003 plans. However, their journey takes a dangerous turn as they encounter violent criminals like Kanchan Kombdi (Chhaya Kadam) and Mendonza Bhai (Upendra Limaye). The movie unfolds as the trio navigates through unexpected challenges and chaos.

Madgaon Express Movie Story Review:

Kunal Kemmu’s narrative in MADGAON EXPRESS is uniquely crazy. The screenplay maintains a balanced pace, filled with hilarious and outrageous moments that keep the audience engaged. While the first half is entertaining, the second half could have been more imaginative. Kemmu’s dialogues contribute significantly to the film’s comedic value. As a first-time director, Kemmu impressively handles the execution of the story, emphasizing character development and maintaining a focus on entertainment. The direction emphasizes physical comedy and well-developed villainous characters that add to the film’s humor. However, the excessive number of songs, a slight dip in the second half, and a less impactful climax detract slightly from the overall experience. Despite these shortcomings, MADGAON EXPRESS offers a promising premise for a potential sequel.

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Madgaon Express Movie Performances:

The cast delivers commendable performances, with Pratik Gandhi standing out for his portrayal of Pinku. Divyenndu excels in his comedic role after a long hiatus, while Avinash Tiwary delivers a restrained yet effective performance. Nora Fatehi adds glamour to her role as Tasha, while Chhaya Kadam steals the show with her portrayal of Kanchan Kombdi. Upendra Limaye and Remo D’souza also deliver entertaining performances, albeit with some room for improvement. Overall, the ensemble cast contributes significantly to the film’s entertainment value.

Madgaon Express Movie Music and Technical Aspects:

The film’s soundtrack, though average, complements the narrative well. Adil Afsar’s cinematography captures the confined spaces effectively, while Prachi Deshpande’s production design adds authenticity to the visuals. Sabina Halder’s costume design enhances the character portrayals, with Nora Fatehi’s wardrobe standing out. The action sequences, though a bit gory, add to the film’s intensity. The editing by Anand Subaya and Sanjay Ingle is satisfactory, although some scenes could have been trimmed for a smoother flow.

Madgaon Express Movie Conclusion:

In conclusion, MADGAON EXPRESS offers a decent dose of entertainment with the potential to resonate with the youth audience. The film’s humor, character dynamics, and unexpected twists make it an engaging watch. While certain aspects like the excessive songs and a slightly underwhelming climax may not appeal to all viewers, the overall experience promises a fun-filled ride. As the movie sets the stage for a potential sequel, viewers can expect more madness and laughter in the future.

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