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Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

Jeena Isi Ka Naam Movie Review

March 3rd, 2017





Our film is the journey of life and all the emotions that come with us. This film gives a truthful look at the lives of many today. The film shows many different backgrounds a tiny village in Rajasthan, to the center of it all Mumbai, and even travels across the seas to The Big Apple New York. Meeting many new faces along the way that add their own unique twists to the lives of the characters.

A wonderful example of how people though from different backgrounds can have importance and impact in each other lives.

The film includes a wide age range and a variety of casting choices which make it more accessible to a broader audience. Manjari Fandis plays Alia, Arbaaz Khan as Aditya, Ashutosh Rana as Vikram, Himansh Kohli as Alex, Prem Chopra as Mirza, and Supriya Pathak Kapur as Laxmi.

Alia is a beautiful small town girl from Rajasthan.  She has hopes to be famous and in the limelight. However, she doesn’t want to sacrifice her morals and beliefs. She is a good role model for the young women of today.

Aditya is a high powered business man who is in the United States. He has a good heart and is helping others along the way.

Alex is the young hot guy. Who is by Alia’s side and is one of her biggest fans.

Kunmar Vikram is the cocky, hotheaded guy that has always had everything handed to him. He gives a glimpse of the lives of the rich and wealthy.

Mirza is the wise, sage and voice of reason and guidance.  He has much to share about his thoughts and what he has learned along his life’s journey.


Supriya is Laxmi and she gives a powerful and emotional performance. She is strong wise woman who fights on behalf of others. Laxmi does everything in her power to educate and bring awareness about the issues affecting women in her village and in India. She is a quintessential fighter for women’s education and empowerment. Many women look up to her.


This is a great film just in time for “International Women’s Day”. As it focuses on many different women from all kinds of background. Showcasing their lives in a way to empower them and not sexualize them.


The filming and shooting locations were many and included the following: Mumbai, Udaipur, Devigadh, Dungarpur, Jaisalmer India and New York.


The music for the film is beautiful and takes you on a journey. Deepak Agrawal arranged and composed the soundtrack.

The film is beautifully made.


Film Details:

Genre: Bollywood, Hindi, Drama,  Romance

Stars:  Arbaaz Khan, Himansh Kohli, and Ashutosh Rana

Director:  Keshhav Panneriy

Writer/Screenplay:  Purnima Mead, Amreetaa Roy,

Production Company: Bibia Books, Bibia Films Private, Z Music Company

Movie Runtime:  2 hours 53 minutes, 173 minutes

Release Date: March 3rd, 2017, United States



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