Entertaining crew with top performances.

Crew Movie Review: A Fun Entertainer with Strong Performances

Starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon, and directed by Rajesh Krishnan, Crew is a story of three air hostesses working for Kohinoor Airways. The trio, along with 4000 other employees, haven’t been paid for six months, leading to financial struggles in their personal lives.

Geeta Sethi (Tabu) sacrifices her riches to live in a modest home with her husband Arun (Kapil Sharma) after a family feud. Jasmine Kohli (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is raised by her maternal grandfather (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), learning from a young age that money can buy anything. Divya Rana (Kriti Sanon) aspires to become a pilot but faces challenges in finding a job due to the recession.

One day, while on a flight, their senior air hostess dies suddenly, leading to a discovery of gold biscuits hidden in his vest. Tempted to steal them, the trio decides against it. As the financial crisis at Kohinoor Airways escalates, they uncover the truth about the company’s bankruptcy and decide to take matters into their own hands.

Nishi Mehra and Mehul Suri’s story is entertaining, with a swift screenplay that packs in a lot of twists. Rajesh Krishnan’s direction keeps the film light-hearted, appealing to a wide audience. While the performances of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon are commendable, the lack of humor and rushed pacing in the second half may disappoint some viewers.

The climax of the film stands out as the trio takes on the baddies in a thrilling sequence. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s portrayal of an immoral character is praiseworthy, while Tabu delivers a smashing performance with her expressions and nuances. Kriti Sanon holds her own among the seasoned actors, showcasing a strong presence.

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The songs in the film add life to the narrative, with ‘Ghagra’ and ‘Choli’ becoming catchy tunes at pivotal moments. The background score by John Stewart Eduri enhances the overall viewing experience.

Overall, Crew is a fun entertainer with strong performances by the lead actors. Despite some shortcomings in humor and pacing, the film’s engaging story and talented cast make it worth a watch. With a two-week open window at the box office, the film is set to attract a wide audience.