Blockbuster Buys: Pushpa 2 hits Rs. 200 crore deal, Kalki acquired for Rs. 100 crore

Market Leaders Acquire Top Pan India Films at Record Prices

MyAxom Reviews – In a significant development in the Hindi Film Trade, market leaders AA Films and Pen Marudhar have acquired some of the top Pan India Films for hefty prices, injecting new life into the film industry. The most notable deal is the acquisition of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 by Anil Thadani for a staggering sum of Rs. 200 crores for North India.

The second-largest deal involves the sci-fi saga Kalki starring Prabhas and Deepika Padukone, purchased by Anil Thadani for Rs. 100 crores, positioning it as the second-highest deal. The film is set to hit theaters by the end of May.

Another significant acquisition is the sale of Ram Charan and Shankar’s Game Changer to Anil Thadani for Rs. 75 crores in North India. This marks a milestone for Ram Charan, with the film expected to yield substantial returns for stakeholders.

NTR’s Devara follows as the next film in line, sold to Anil Thadani for Rs. 45 crores. Despite being a regional film from coastal Andhra with a relatively unknown director, the deal reflects a notable amount surpassing many Hindi actors’ deals. Finally, the Kamal Haasan-led sequel Indian 2 has been acquired for Rs. 20 crores only by Pen Marudhar, with high expectations for significant returns due to its cult following.

Overall, these Pan India Films carry high expectations and will be closely watched to ignite the box office.

Exciting Updates in Bollywood Industry in 2024

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