Begum Jaan Movie Review

The film is a remake of the 2015 film “Rajkahini” also by director Srijit Mukherji. It takes place in India’s Independence Period in 1948. Set in the sensual and gritty backdrop of a brothel during that time.

It’s also inspired by real life events during this period.


“My body. My house. My country. My Rules.” This is the mindset of Begum Jaan the brothel’s madam. The brothels houses eleven prostitutes.

During the time of war, tensions are high and compromises need to be made. The ladies of the brothel are caught right in the middle of the war between India and Pakistan. The governments decide to form a partition between the two countries. The line was known as the Radcliff Line.

The government ultimately then threatens them with eviction.

The story shows the deep relationships the women have with their home and each other. Showing just how far they will go to keep their home and everyone safe. They are really like a family and sisters who go to great lengths to prove their ability to defend their country and their home.

So, even though the official partition line goes right through their house they chose to stand their ground anyway. Their lives divided in the time of war.

They not only are a true example of people in that time surviving the partition but the bravery of these women to save their home at all costs.

Though India has received it’s freedom these women will not celebrate until they themselves are truly free.

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Begum Jaan refused to move and leave her home. The government says that she can keep half of her girls in India while the other half must go over the line to Pakistan. Jaan, stands her ground not knowing the consequences.

Though they have opposition from every side they will not be moved. So, they train and get ready to protect their land.Begum Jaan, is played by Vidya Balan.

Begum Jaan, is played by Vidya Balan. Balan is as free-spirited as her character. She has always been a champion for women’s rights and empowerment.

“Begum Jaan”, showcases the talents of Srijit Mukherji who wrote and directed the film. Srijit is a National Film Award winner.

The music for the movie is composed by Anu Malik and Asha Bhosle.


The movie’s story will be told in two different languages. This will be a great asset and gain a greater audience for the film as well.


This is a woman empowering and women-centred film. It’s good to know stories like this where women stand up not just by themselves but together for a cause close to their hearts.