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Befikre Movie Full Review

Befikre Movie Full Review: It’s a modern love story set in Paris. “Befikre”, in English means “care-free.” Which, this movie definitely has a free-spirited vibe to it. The film has also been tagged as, “For those who dare to love.”

Our couple (Dharam and Shyra) eventuallyfind love through very spontaneous, and interesting situations that begin to unfold. Our leads do a great job on showcasing the laze-fare base of this relationship. (RanveerSignh) plays Dharam. (Vaani Kapoor) played Shyra.

Our story follow Dharam who comes to Paris for a new job and for a new fresh experiences to explore. Just when he is getting ready for his expedition he crosses paths with Shyra.  She is a spontaneous, life loving girl who was born there in France. With the background of Paris, the “city of love” begins to blossom. She’s crazy, he’s more level-headed. Despite, their differences they make the perfect pair. Through the challenges and different perspectives over time both of them realize you have to ultimately work at and chase after love.

With lots of hooking up and professions of love throughout. Then to break up again and again. But, then in the long run coming back together again.Shyra, still looking and searching for her perfect match (even though he’s right in front of her.) She finds this guy who proposes. Then Dharam after realizing what has happened in order to show his intentions, proposes to her as well. So, who will she choose the guy she has spent a year long relationship with? Or this new guy? Who truly has won her heart? We will have to see who she decides is her “perfect match.”

With the talented Aditya Chropra at the helm. His is a triple talent writing, directing, and producing our film, “Befikre.”

The music is composed by Vishal Shekhar, ShekharRavjiani and is produced by Mikey McCleary. The lyrics are penned by JaideepSahni. The songs have been performed by Papon. The soundtrack has seven great tracks on it. The music label is Yash Raj Music. The songs are romantic and fun. Which, follow the movies theme of the young and care-free romance in Paris.

Befikre’s trailer was record breaking and had over 10 million views when it first came out.

Also, the video for the films song “NasheSiChadhGayi” well surpassed over 100 million views YouTube!! You can watch it here…

The film shooting schedules was over fifty days long. It was filmed throughout Paris, France.

Genre: Bollywood, Romance, Drama

Stars:Ranveer Singh (Dharam), Vaani Kapoor (Shyra), Arrmaan Ralhan (Aney), Julie Ordon (Christine), AkarshKhurana (Shyra’s dad), Ayesha Raza (Shyra’s mom), Aru KrishanshVerma (Mehra), Elisa BachirBey (Nathalie)

Director/Producer: Aditya Chopra

Production Company:Yash Raj Films

Screenplay: Aditya Chopra and SharaKatariya

Movie Run-time: 130 minutes

Release Date:  December 9th , 2016 USA and worldwide

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Befikre’s Title Song Track:


Gang Lucha
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