Beekeeper fails to impress

MyAxom Reviews: The Beekeeper (English) Review

The Beekeeper (English) fails to impress the audience and critics alike. The story revolves around a ruthless man, Adam Clay, played by Jason Statham, who leads a quiet life as a beekeeper. His neighbor, Eloise Parker, portrayed by Phylicia Rashad, is a retired schoolteacher who falls victim to a phishing scam and is robbed of over $2 million, a majority of which belonged to the charitable organization she manages. Devastated by the loss, Eloise tragically ends her life, prompting Adam to take matters into his own hands. He contacts the Beekeepers, a mysterious organization he is a part of, and is determined to eliminate all those involved in the scam.

Kurt Wimmer’s story is seen as clich├ęd, and while his screenplay is arresting, the lack of originality in the plot hinders the film’s overall impression. The dialogues are passable, but the absence of subtitles makes it challenging to decipher some of the lines.

The direction by David Ayer is considered decent, with efforts made to enhance the entertainment quotient of the film. However, the plot’s striking resemblance to John Wick is a significant drawback. The midsection of the film lags, and the storyline involving the FBI agents is not convincing.

Despite its flaws, the film does have a few positives. The scene where Adam sets the call center on fire is unexpected and entertaining, breathing some life into the narrative. Additionally, the involvement of the US President adds a fresh angle to the otherwise overused storyline. The finale is deemed watchable.

The performances of the cast receive mixed reviews. Jason Statham effortlessly slips into his role and delivers convincing action scenes. Josh Hutcherson effectively portrays the villain, while Jeremy Irons provides able support. Phylicia Rashad shines in her cameo, and Emmy Raver-Lampman and Bobby Naderi are considered fair but are let down by the writing. On the other hand, Jemma Redgrave’s portrayal is seen as lacking depth.

The music by Dave Sardy and Jared Michael Fry aligns well with the narrative, and the cinematography by Gabriel Beristain is highly praised. The production design by Ben Munro and costumes by Kelli Jones are noted for their authenticity. However, the gory and disturbing nature of the action sequences is a point of contention.

In conclusion, The Beekeeper fails to make a lasting impression due to its striking similarities to John Wick. The film has its merits, but these are overshadowed by its lack of originality and the repetitive nature of its storyline.

Cast and Crew

The film features a star-studded cast including Jason Statham, Phylicia Rashad, Josh Hutcherson, Jeremy Irons, Jemma Redgrave, Minnie Driver, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Bobby Naderi, Enzo Cilenti, and Don Gilet.

Comparison to John Wick

The striking resemblance between The Beekeeper and John Wick is a significant point of discussion among critics. The film’s plot, character dynamics, and action sequences draw clear parallels to the popular Keanu Reeves starrer, impacting the originality and impact of The Beekeeper.

Final Verdict

The Beekeeper (English) fails to carve out its own identity and falls short of leaving a lasting impact on its audience. While the film has its moments, the lack of originality and similarities to established works hinder its ability to stand out in the crowded action genre.

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In summary, The Beekeeper (English) fails to live up to expectations, with its lack of originality and repetitive storyline hindering its impact in the action genre. Despite some positive attributes, the film ultimately falls short of making a lasting impression.