B Praak urges caution after Kalkaji Temple collapse

B Praak Urges Safety Measures After Tragic Stage Collapse at Kalkaji Temple in Delhi

Punjabi singer B Praak expressed deep sorrow and called for authorities to prioritize safety measures after a tragic stage collapse at the Kalkaji Temple in Delhi on Saturday night. The unfortunate incident, which occurred during a religious event, resulted in the loss of a 45-year-old woman’s life and left 15 others injured.

B Praak, who was performing at the event, took to his Instagram Stories to share a video message expressing his grief and emphasizing the need for better crowd management. He described the incident as “heartbreaking” and stressed the importance of prioritizing safety above all else. He urged organizers to take “utmost care” in the future, especially for children and the elderly.

The singer acknowledged the efforts of the management to control the crowd but emphasized the need for stricter measures. He stated, “The management tried their best to make the crowd understand and move back, but it’s your love for the goddess and for me. Going forward, we have to be very careful and take utmost care of the kids and the elderly and everybody else.”

An FIR has been registered against the event organizers, and police investigations are currently underway. The injured individuals are receiving medical attention at various hospitals, with reports indicating mostly minor injuries.

B Praak Emphasizes Importance of Safety and Future Performances

While expressing his desire to return to the temple for another performance in the future, B Praak stressed the importance of prioritizing safety. “We will come again when the goddess calls us, but we will have to be very careful,” he concluded.

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B Praak’s Remarkable Musical Journey

Aside from this tragic incident, B Praak has made headlines for his remarkable musical achievements. He recently recorded the climax song for Ranbir Kapoor starrer “Animal,” describing it as a “dream come true.”

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