Abhishek Malik divorces Suhani Chaudhary

Kumkum Bhagya Actor Abhishek Malik Confirms Filing for Divorce with Model-Actress Suhani Chaudhary

Abhishek Malik, renowned for his portrayal of Akshay Tandon in the popular ZEE TV show Kumkum Bhagya, has made a public announcement about his decision to divorce his wife, Suhani Chaudhary. Suhani, also a model in the entertainment industry, has affirmed this news, asserting that the couple mutually agreed to part ways due to compatibility issues. The actor revealed that they have initiated the divorce proceedings, which are currently in progress.

In a report by Pinkvilla, Abhishek Malik candidly discussed the reasons behind their separation. He acknowledged that one factor contributing to their split was the lack of sufficient time to truly understand each other. Malik expressed, “We made sincere efforts to resolve our differences, but genuine compatibility issues arose, prompting us to make the difficult decision. Following our engagement in January 2021, we had limited opportunities to bond and comprehend each other. Subsequently, we tied the knot in October 2021. Unfortunately, my focus then shifted to purchasing a new house, leaving us with little room for emotional connection.”

He elaborated, “Despite being together in Mumbai for two years, we gradually recognized that prolonging the relationship was not in our best interests. We concluded that it was prudent to part ways amicably, acknowledging that we both have our entire lives ahead of us. We have separated on good terms, and I harbor no ill will towards her.”

Suhani Chaudhary, in a separate statement to ETimes, echoed Malik’s sentiments and shared her perspective on the situation. She admitted, “Our decision to marry was made without foreseeing potential incompatibility issues, which became apparent once we began cohabiting. However, we harbor no animosity or remorse. We mutually agreed that it was time for both of us to pursue separate paths. Separating seems to be the right choice for both of us, and I wish Abhishek a prosperous future.”

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