Aamir Khan to announce Sarfarosh sequel at 25th anniversary screening.

MyAxom Reviews Exclusive: Aamir Khan to Announce Sarfarosh Sequel at 25th Anniversary Celebration

MyAxom Reviews was the first to report two days ago that a special screening of Sarfarosh (1999) would be held in Mumbai on May 10 to celebrate the classic film’s 25th anniversary. The news quickly spread, generating excitement among fans. Adding to the anticipation was the confirmation that Aamir Khan himself would attend the screening alongside Sonali Bendre and other cast members. Now, we have received an exclusive update about this much-anticipated event.

Will Aamir Khan Announce Sarfarosh Sequel?

A source close to MyAxom Reviews revealed, “During the event, Aamir and other cast and crew members will reminisce about their time working on the film. However, the highlight of the evening is expected to be Aamir’s announcement regarding the sequel to Sarfarosh.”

The source added, “While it’s not confirmed whether Aamir will star in Sarfarosh 2, he is likely to confirm that the project is in development.” This news has stirred excitement among fans who have long-awaited a continuation of the iconic film.

Speculations about a Sarfarosh sequel have been circulating for years, with director John Matthew Matthan’s involvement being a key talking point. Previous reports suggested that actor John Abraham was considered for the lead role, but he later confirmed his departure from the project in 2020.

The 25th-anniversary special screening of Sarfarosh, organized by Radio Nasha, will feature a star-studded guest list including John Matthew Matthan, Mukesh Rishi, Lalit Pandit, Naseeruddin Shah, and others, in addition to Aamir Khan and Sonali Bendre.

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