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A Bland Fantasy Of Naxalism Saving Hinduism

Solid: Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde

Director: Koratala Siva

Look, I do know that heading is complicated. Can the saffron of Hinduism align itself with the pink of Marxism? Koratala Siva thinks so.

There may be promise in his premise. The residents of a temple city, which is surrounded by lush inexperienced hills and pristine rivers, are underneath menace from a mining firm and an area goon. A mysterious Naxalite like a vigilante superhero retains saving the village from villains however the villagers assume it’s the native goddess defending them. The vermillion of the temple and the pink of Communism mix to spill the blood from the center of the unhealthy guys. 

It’s simple to see what Koratala Siva noticed on this premise, particularly for Chiranjeevi. A youthful actor enjoying a Naxalite within the trendy period would appear odd so he selected the largest masala star of the 90s to handle probably the most debatable component inside the trendy Telugu psyche – Naxalism.  

However that’s simply concepts. And Koratala Siva is an concepts man. I’ll get to this later, however with Acharya’s story, he struggles to transform his concepts on paper. 

As a result of on display what we get is that this. There may be an historic village referred to as Padhagattam. Which is close to a metropolis referred to as Dharmasthali. Truly, it’s a city. However generally it’s a village additionally relying on what the plot wants. The folks of the previous have tremendous therapeutic ayurvedic powers. However additionally they wish to defend the hills. They stay as an idyllic Hindu village lower away from the remainder of the world though they gown in Fab-India’s newest assortment. There’s a river referred to as Jeevanadhi. Then an area goon Basava (Sonu Sood) desires to regulate the village. I’m undecided whether it is Paadhaghattam or Dharamasthali or if they’re the identical factor. And I’m additionally undecided of what precisely he desires to regulate. Then Comrade Acharya enters as a carpenter in disguise however on this small village that can be an enormous city he goes by unnoticed. Then there’s a Uranium mining firm proprietor cum villain who first sends his brother whereas he chills in a port someplace. There may be a number of speak about upkeeping the Hindu Dharma. However we by no means see how it’s carried out barring some broad points like “No Consuming” “No Prostitution” and “No Smoking Weed”. Then there’s a music instructor Neelambari (Pooja Hegde) who’s ready for Siddha (Ram Charan). Then one thing…then one other…

UGHHHHH. The movie doesn’t focus and retains piling on element and knowledge after each other with out giving us one thing to carry on to. The movie desires to inform so many issues and needs to challenge the plot on such a lavish scale that it forgets to attach us to something that we’re seeing on display. 


And by the way in which, I’m not even carried out with the primary half-hour of the movie. You already know the basic writing maxim of “Present, don’t inform” the movie doesn’t simply inform, it dumps info on us, secondary info with out revealing what may really be necessary to make us really feel. 

Who’s Acharya? Why did he change into a Naxalite? Why do folks love him a lot? Are we simply supposed to purchase into his fantasy as a result of it’s performed by Chiranjeevi? Okay, what about this village that known as both Dharmasthali or Paadhaghattam? Is it a metaphor for Thirumala/Thirupathi?

What’s the “dharmam” the residents hold harping on about? Why can we care about this specific village over others being razed down by different mining corporations? Is this contemporary Hindu revisionist fantasy the place as an alternative of Rajputs and Marathas saving the faith the director resorts to Naxalites?

And why are the ladies on this movie so badly written? They’re both going to be molested, or have already been molested, or are all the time on the verge of one thing creepy occurring to them? Overlook the “merchandise” songs even Pooja Hegde’s Neelamabari who’s the movie’s heroine will get a lewd scene the place Siddha is observing her with out her consent whereas she’s bathing. That is proper after he has lectured somebody on dharma. 

Why are the Adivasis additionally proven as helpless victims? Why don’t they get a say within the medication or Maoism that the movie desires to point out? Is Acharya disillusioned with Naxalism due to its quasi-upper caste nature?

Across the interval mark, Ram Charan enters as Siddha within the screenplay and he acts like somebody who was good sufficient to say sure to a cameo, however in an try and resuscitate the movie they prolonged his character. 


His character battle, in contrast to Acharya’s, is fascinating. He’s born to Naxalite dad and mom however is raised by upper-caste priestly males in Dharmasthali/Paadhaghattam. Is that this a play on the tragedy of Karna, the prince raised in an oppressed caste household? As soon as his previous is revealed to him, what does he take into consideration being a Naxalite and the savior of a temple? We by no means get into his thoughts and the way his previous has an impact on him. 

As an alternative, he transitions right into a Naxalite with the convenience of somebody altering a filter they don’t like on Instagram.

And why does everybody on this movie hold saying Dharmasthali or Paadhaghattam each thirty seconds? We get the place you’re. We perceive. If we performed a ingesting sport each time somebody mentioned Dharamsthali/Paadhaghattam then I might have been within the ICU and which may have been much less painful than sitting by this movie. Sooner or later, I needed the villains would win in order that the “good guys” would simply cease repeating these phrases. 

Even Mani Sharma who’s so reliable with at the very least his background music permits you to down. There are some moments the place the background music blares loudly with none cause as if he was rudely woken up from sleep and smashed his fingers on the closest drums and synthesizer obtainable. 

A part of the explanation I’m so upset and offended with this movie being this unhealthy is as a result of Koratala Siva introduced in a freshness to Telugu masala cinema. He took loud and noisy heroes and restrained them and created launch factors by the screenplay. In Mirchi, when Prabhas locations his palm on a windshield and it begins to crack, you wished to observe that scene many times since you had been ready for him to be offended. The Mamidi Thota scene in Srimanthudu labored wonders and the “Anthakarana Suddhitho sequence” in Bharath Ane Nenu was whistle worthy as a result of it waited for the right second to make use of Mahesh Babu’s dialogue supply. Koratala Siva toned NTR Jr’s theatrics down in Janatha Storage and by no means actually launched him however that labored for that actor as a result of he’s virtually all the time in fifth gear. 

However right here Koratala Siva makes Chiranjeevi a stoic determine and it’s evident the actor feels caged. However there may be belief that Koratala Siva will carry out this a part of Chiranjeevi in some unspecified time in the future. You might be hoping that the trademark comedy, or the masala moments will come in some unspecified time in the future. 

However they by no means come. Fairly, the weapons change into larger, the set items change into bigger, and the blood spillage goes from tens of liters to a whole lot of liters. However none of those spectacles engages the viewers as a result of there isn’t any emotional join. It takes a particular form of movie to take the largest father and son star duo (Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi) and produce such a dull second half. I used to be paying homage to the great outdated days once I was complaining to my editor about reviewing Bangarraju however there the masala and chemistry between father and son was used to its full potential. In Acharya’s second half, a play with the shadows of the wax statues from Madame Tussauds has extra life. The dialogues are a bore and the response pictures that are often incredible in Telugu masala cinema are plain comedic.

Just a few moments exist which present any promise of any life. The track ‘Banjara’ which makes use of the dancing expertise of father and son or the stray shot of a cheetah and its cub ingesting water because it pans to its leads doing the identical, or the scene the place Acharya and Siddha enter an unlawful mine utilizing aliases and it’s in all probability the movie’s funniest stretch resulting in a struggle. 

However that’s it. Three situations in an almost 150-minute movie. 

Acharya used all of the redness for the display however had no shade left for its story. 

And by the tip of the movie, all of the redness was in my cheeks as a result of the movie left me so annoyed.

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